Mission: Impossible's McQuarrie Rebukes New Rumor He Passed on DC Projects

Chris McQuarrie Tom Cruise Mission Impossible

Mission: Impossible director Christopher McQuarrie denied rumors that he turned down DC projects when he agreed to direct two more M:I films.

Earlier this week, McQuarrie signed on to direct the next two entries in the MissionImpossible film series. With that report, a number of outlets also claimed the director had been offered different projects before deciding to return to the Tom Cruise action franchise. Reportedly, this included Warner Bros. trying to entice the director to take on a number of DC films. According to the director, this was not the case.

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Posting to Twitter, McQuarrie responded to the fans wondering why he turned down the DC Extended Universe. McQuarrie claims new offers weren't made by Warner Bros. for him to join the DCEU.

Although the reports about him turning down the DCEU may not be true, it isn't the first time he's discussed the prospect of taking on a superhero film. During a Q&A with the director after a screening of his film MissionImpossible Fallout, he admitted he had been approached about taking on the rumored Green Lantern Corps, but turned it down because he is not a comic book fan.

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