McKelvie & Wilson Get Up Close and Personal with December Image Variants

Artists Jamie McKelvie and Matthew Wilson have brought a distinct sense of style to the Kieron Gillen-written Image Comics series "The Wicked + The Divine", and that aesthetic will be spotted this December on multiple titles from the creator-owned publisher. Image announced Thursday a series of six variants by McKelvie and Wilson that bring the close-up, portrait style covers seen on each issue of "The Wicked + The Divine" to the following December-shipping releases: Kelly Sue DeConnick & Valentine De Landro's "Bitch Planet" #1, Joe Keatinge & Leila Del Duca's "Shutter" #7, Jonathan Hickman & Nick Dragotta's "East of West" #16, John Arcudi & James Harren's "Rumble" #1, Tim Seeely & Mike Norton's "Revival" #26 and, fittingly, "The Wicked + The Divine" #6.

"We're huge fans of all the creators behind these series," McKelvie said in Image's release. "So to be asked to provide covers for them all this month was an honor. Hopefully fans will enjoy these glimpses of the characters fired through the 'WicDiv' filter!"

Three of the covers have been released thus far, and follow below.

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