McFarlane's 10th Anniversary story done, Beland's 'True Story' happy ending: News Wrap for July 23, 2003

During Comic-Con Internation in July of 2001, Image Comics announced they would be publishing a 128 page hardcover 10th Anniversary Special to celebrate ten years of Image Comics publishing. The book would see Marc Silvestri reviving Cyberforce, Jim Valentino getting back to Shadowhawk, Erik Larsen would contribute the origin story for Savage Dragon and Todd McFarlane would get back to penciling with a Spawn story. Now, just a little over two years later, the book has still not been published. It's been a well published fact that the reason for the delay was Todd McFarlane had not yet finished his contribution. The delay in turn spawned the most often asked question on Image Comics forums around the net, even here at CBR, "When would we see the publication of the 10th Anniversary Special?"

On his Savage Dragon Forum, Erik Larsen posted a Comic-Con International convention report in which he shed a little light on the subject for fans eagerly awaiting the release of the special.

"[Todd McFarlane Productions'] Larry Marder confirmed that Todd McFarlane is done with his story for the Image Comics Hardcover--and that's good to know."

A representative from Image Comics was not available for comment at press time.

Regular readers of Rich Johnston's Lying In The Gutters column here at CBR saw some preview art from McFarlane in the June 2nd edition of his column. Click this link and scroll down a bit to see the goods.

Larsen also confirmed a recent rumor that he would have the Savage Dragon run for President in his title.

"I did decide that Dragon will run in 2004 after talking things over with a few folks (Kurt Busiek said Dragon must run)."

Thanks to Augie De Blieck Jr. for pointing out this bit of news

WARNING: Strong language in the following story.

Over on the Larry Young Forum, "True Story, Swear To God" creator Tom Beland shared a story with forum regulars that's one of those horrible nightmares every creator has: loosing your work. Whether it be having a portfolio stolen or ruined, or a computer crash that wipes all your hard scripting work, it's a recurring dream that creative types have, waking them in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. In this case, Beland actually did loose his artwork, but the ending is a happy one.

"Upon arriving at San Diego, I looked for the two portfolio books that contained the original artwork for issues #5 and #6 (which is nearly ready for printing) and discovered both of them missing in my bag.

"Lily and I figured we left them both at home and didn't worry about it. Yesterday, we got home, dead tired... and the books weren't in my office either. The entire run of artwork, especially the art for the as-of-yet unprinted issue #6 was gone. I also had no copies of the pages.

"Had no fucking clue as to where it could have gone.

"Called my sister in Napa and she checked all over her house, since we stayed with her. Nothing. I then gave her a list of all the places I went to in Napa during our visit, some two weeks ago. At this point, I'm thinking either someone has it in their house, or it was held for a couple of days and then thrown out to the garbage.

"Spent today driving to every fucking hangout I have here on the island and no one had it.

"I pulled the car over and thought about having to redraw the entire book from scratch... BEFORE THE SPX IN AUGUST...and I nearly broke down and cried.

"I'm trying to explain what the fuck a portfolio book is to the manager of Boarders, who speaks almost no english, when my cell phone rings.

"It's my sister.

"She's at the Napa Starbucks on Soscol.

"They had my artwork.... safely kept in the manager's office.

"She said they'd seen me working on the pages while having coffee and by the time they realized I'd left, I was long gone. So they put the books in the manager's office until I might call.

"This was three fucking weeks ago.

"Sue told me that the pages were perfect and that they were going to FedEx them to me by tomorrow.

"Say what you want about Starbucks.. this place saved my total fucking ass and they rock!!! I'm now a bonafied Starbucks customer and will go to no other coffee house. I contacted the head honcho of Starbucks (a Mr. Schultz) and told him my story and told him that his employees went above and beyond the call of duty.

"I learned about a billion lessons from this. Fortunately, I can smile about it now."

A happy ending indeed.

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