McFarlane Toys Teases Mortal Kombat 11 Figures

Just a few days after McFarlane Toys announced that it would be making toys based on characters from the DC Multiverse, the toy and collectibles powerhouse revealed that it would be producing action figures for another iconic franchise—Mortal Kombat.

After teasing the news earlier this week, McFarlane unveiled a mock-up its first Mortal Kombat figure, Scorpion, at the weekend's New York Toy Fair. McFarlane also revealed the Sub-Zero, Scorpion's chief rival, would also be part of the forthcoming line, as Bloody Disgusting and Twitter user FakeEyes22 pointed out.

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While this reveal might not seem like much, it establishes that McFarlane will be basing its Mortal Kombat line off of the upcoming NetherRealm Studios game Mortal Kombat 11. If the mock-up is anything to go, this figure looks like it will have the detail that McFarlane Toys is known for.

After co-creating Venom, co-founding Image Comics and creating Spawn, superstar comic book artist Todd McFarlane founded McFarlane Toys in 1994. While the company initially focused on Spawn toys, it quickly  set a new industry standard in toy design and produced hyper-realistic action figures of everything from real-world athletes to macabre movie monsters.

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In addition to taking on the DC Multiverse license, McFarlane is also putting out several high-profile video game lines right now. In addition to producing action figures based on the Fortnite, McFarlane also has toys based off of Overwatch and Doom coming down the pipeline.

McFarlane's Mortal Kombat action figures should be released sometime in 2019. Mortal Kombat 11 releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One April 23, 2019. A Nintendo Switch port is expected to release May 10, 2019.

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