McFarlane Toys gets "Lost" Action Figure License

Official Press Release

Tempe, Ariz. Wednesday, May 24, 2006,– In a licensing agreement with Disney-ABC Television Group's Touchstone Television, McFarlane Toys will produce a series of action figures based on the hugely popular television drama, Lost.

Slated to be in stores late fall, McFarlane Toys' Lost Series 1 captures six compelling characters from the series' first season: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Locke, Charlie and Shannon. Each 6-inch Lost action figure will come complete with a detailed base and photographic backdrop, capturing an episode-specific moment in the character's story. In addition, each package will include a detailed prop reproduction, central to the character's story, enabling fans to "own" a piece of the show's mythology.

McFarlane Toys will also release Lost deluxe boxed sets – re-creating key moments between multiple characters, and small-scale dioramas – replicating central locations such as the mysterious island and the famous hatch.

McFarlane Toys CEO Todd McFarlane, who spent time with the Lost cast principals in Hawaii, where the series is filmed, says, "All of the key cast members were kind enough to allow me to scan their facial likenesses, so we can make the figures as realistic as possible. We now have the data, which will allow us to be more accurate than any other toy company in this country could be. In visiting the set, we were able to take enough reference photography to ensure that the environment for each of the figures represents what the viewer has seen on TV."

"In the end, we hope to be able to re-create all of the major cast members," says McFarlane. "As the years go by, fans of the show will be able to collect their own society of Lost characters."

"With its unique cast of characters and detailed fantastical storylines, Lost has fostered a passionate fan base that just can't get enough," says Bruce Gersh, senior vice president, business development, ABC Entertainment and Touchstone Television. "We are excited to team with Todd McFarlane and McFarlane Toys to offer the show's loyal viewers a compelling line of collectibles that captures the series' intricacy, depth and appeal."

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