McFarlane Announces Spawn Kills Everyone 2, Witchblade Crossover

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If there’s one thing Spawn is good at, it’s killing. The hellspawn has proven as much in his adventures throughout the years, but his proficiency in murder is perhaps best exemplified by 2016’s aptly-titled Spawn Kills Everyone! Now, Spawn creator and Image Comics President Todd McFarlane has revealed that the bloody series will be returning with a sequel – Spawn Kills Everyone 2.

Spawn Kills Everyone 2 will be a four-part miniseries that teams McFarlane with Will Robson. The series will see a chibi version of Spawn give birth to hundreds of diminutive versions of himself, who then take their father’s kill list and go out into the wild, ready to do what a Spawn offspring does best.

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The sequel miniseries is just one title announced today by McFarlane at the Image Expo in Portland, Oregon. Check out the slides from the announcement (and some additional information about each project) below.

McFarlane also announced a Medieval Spawn and Witchblade crossover project to be helmed by Brian Holguin. The crossover is expected to release in May and again bring together the two title characters, who first joined forces in Garth Ennis’ Medieval Spawn/Witchblade #1 in 1996. The issue will run 32 pages and feature an augmented reality cover. It will retail for $2.99 upon release.

Misery is a an ongoing series built for the modern #MeToo movement era. The series will star a “teenage hero who is tired of being pushed around and abused by the actions of others.” This character, Misery, will travel the world, helping innocent people who have been victimized by those in power. McFarlane did not reveal the creative team behind the project that looks to blend the superhero genre with timely social issues.

No announcement from McFarlane would be complete without mention of Spawn, though. Spawn is rapidly closing in on not only its 300th issue, but also a tie-in to the film that will be written and directed by McFarlane. In the comics, Spawn is getting ready to tackle three of his biggest foes: the Clown, Overt-Kill and the all-new Violator. As for the film, the Spawn movie goes into production in late spring.

Finally, McFarlane announced the Sam and Twitch: True Detectives eight-part miniseries. First introduced in 1992’s Spawn #1, Detective "Twitch" Williams will be the subject of the upcoming Spawn film. The miniseries will act as a primer for fans eager to learn more about the character. All eight issues have already been completed and will be released close to the announcement and trailer release of the Spawn film.

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