McFarlane pulls back curtain on 'Spawn' #248 cover process

Counting down to the landmark 250th issue of Spawn, Todd McFarlane has given fans a glimpse into the cover process for Issue 248 -- "only two more issues until AL SIMMONS returns!!" -- penciled by Syzmon Kudranski and inked by McFarlane himself, which goes on sale Nov. 5.

"It's pretty COOL to see how it all comes together," he wrote on his Facebook page. "There's a lot of work that goes into this comic stuff." He also offered a reminder about the art contest for Spawn #250, noting that he'll start collecting submissions on Nov. 1.

As McFarlane announced early this month, Brian Wood and Jonboy Meyers will take the reins of Spawn following the release of the anniversary issue in December.

"Al's back, smarter, stronger, wiser and with a perspective that no one else has," Wood teased last week to Comic Book Resources. "In a way, he's 'King Spawn,' the experienced soldier who, while he has his stronghold and his minions and his land, is not afraid to get down off his throne, pick up his sword and join the battle."

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