McFarlane Presents Spawn Series 30 And Online Comic

TEMPE, Ariz. – For the unprecedented 30 th line of Spawn action figures, McFarlane Toys is taking a departure from the Spawn line's traditionally shadowy world and re-imagining it as a hyperkinetic, high-energy adventure in the tradition of the great Saturday morning cartoons. Eye-popping color, articulated, streamlined figures – many with interchangeable heads and hands – and a dynamic new storyline will bring fans a Spawn they may never have imagined.

Seven new action figures comprise the Spawn 30 lineup, including Spawn and a cadre of heroes and villains:

•  Spawn X

•  Redeemer

•  Omega Spawn

•  Overtkill the Destroyer

•  Codename: Cy-Gor

•  Lord Mammon

•  Tiffany the Amazon

Leading up to the November 2006 release of the Spawn 30 action figures, McFarlane's Web site, Spawn.com is releasing an online feature, beginning with an evolving online comic, The Adventures of Spawn .

Drawn by celebrated comic artist Khary Randolph and written by Jonathan David Goff, The Adventures of Spawn online comic includes complete character biographies, a story-specific glossary and actual comic book pages, posted in four-page increments. It will all culminate in a comprehensive online feature that will include action figure and packaging photography, QuickTime VR movies, downloadable desktop wallpapers and information on where this highly collectible line will be sold.

Already, the response has been impressive. The first segments of The Adventures of Spawn instantly ranked among the most-viewed pages on Spawn.com when posted online in late August.

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