McDonald's Japan Unveils Pikachu McFlurry

McDonald's Japan will begin selling Pikachu-themed McFlurries on Friday, a day prior to the Japanese release of Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You.

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The chocolate-and-banana-flavored Pikachu McFlurry is meant to recreate the Pokemon's brown-and-yellow color scheme. The special McFlurry will have six possible cups, each of which shows a different one of Pikachu's emotions or expressions. Some of the designs include the character smiling, winking and down-hearted.

McDonald's announcement comes after the fast-food chain teased five other possible McFlurries last week: White Peach Jigglypuff, Ramune Squirtle, Habanero Charmander, Sweet Potato Gengar and the unappealing-sounding Broccoli Bulbasaur. The company started a re-tweet campaign to have people try and guess which of the flavors would actually be released, with the Chocolate Banana Pikachu McFlurry being the correct answer.


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Pokemon Red and Blue were the first two games in the blockbuster series to make their way to the United States, arriving in 1998. Although Pikachu was not initially one of the Pokemon a player could select at the start of the game, the character's popularity skyrocketed after the anime's release, as Pikachu was protagonist Ash Ketchum's first and primary Pokemon. The upcoming Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You is the 20th movie based on the series, and also commemorates the 20th anniversary of the anime's release in Japan .


Although the movie is expected to make its way stateside later this year, there's no official U.S. release date for Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You.

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