McCloud Family Podcast #00

For one year, comics author Scott McCloud and family will criss-cross the United States (with a handful of stops in Europe) in their gray 2004 Toyota Sienna to promote the new book "Making Comics." Throughout their journeys, the family will be recording occasional podcasts featuring updates and highlights of their travels, as well as a whole host of special guests. Comic Book Resources is proud to partner with Scott McCloud and his family in bringing you this podcast.

CBR News did a feature article on the beginning of their trip and published it September 5th. You can read all about it here. We also have a report on "Making Comics" itself here.

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The McCloud Family Podcast. Episode Zero

Join Scott McCloud, wife Ivy, and daughters Sky and Winter as they discuss their nationwide family tour in support of Scott's new hit book Making Comics. This week -- "Week Zero" -- covers their 5 day drive from California to New York in preparation for the book's launch date, September 5, in Manhattan.

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