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McCann Makes Widows and Attacks Blindspots

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McCann Makes Widows and Attacks Blindspots

“Blind Spot” is a story involving unfolding plots in the present day alongside numerous flashback sequences. “You’ll get to see a good deal of Hawkeye’s history and what has shaped him so far,” McCann remarked. “The flashbacks are kind of a counterbalance, because while we’re seeing what brought Hawkeye to where he is today, we’re balancing that with what he’s going through and what will make him the man he will be tomorrow.”

There is someone behind Hawkeye’s troubles in “Blind Spot,” but McCann is keeping the character’s identity a secret until the end of the first issue. “There are some villains involved. Yes, that’s plural, and one of them is a very big bad, a very familiar bad and a fight that people have wanted to see. That’s all I can say,” McCann teased. “Hawkeye’s villainous mentors, Trickshot and the Swordsman, will be part of the flashback sequences in the story, but whether or not they play a role in the present remains to be seen. The Swordsman is currently a part of the ‘Chaos War: Dead Avengers’ miniseries, so his fate is still in question. Last we saw of Trickshot, he tried to retire from a life of crime and make up for that life because his cancer was in remission.”

Beyond exploring the ramifications of Hawkeye’s villainous past, “Blind Spot” also celebrates the archer’s time as a member of the Avengers. “In this first issue, you’ll see a lot of the Avengers because they’ve kind of been his surrogate family, You’ll see how that came to be. He’s an orphan. He lost his mother, his father, his brother and he lost Bobbi a couple of times,” McCann said. “The Avengers have kind of been a constant family for him. You’ll see how different people shaped his life and what their significance and roles are to him today via them physically being there or what kind of emotional significance they’ve played.”

“Blind Spot” is the first Hawkeye story McCann has done without his long time collaborator David Lopez, and while he’ll miss Lopez, the writer is very excited to be working with artist Paco Diaz. “Paco’s art looks great. I love his take on the characters and he has this amazing ink wash he’s doing. He’s going to use that for the flashbacks,” McCann remarked. “Paco is bringing a different look and feel to the story. It’s needed because this is a fresh start. It really is the first chapter in the next phase of Clint Barton’s life. So, we welcome Paco.”

McCann has had the time of his life penning both “Widowmaker” and “Hawkeye: Blind Spot” and hopes fans will have as much fun reading the books as he has had writing them. “‘Widowmaker’ is an exciting story that has a big impact on everybody involved: Hawkeye, Mockingbird, Dominic Fortune, the Black Widow and especially Ronin,” the writer said. “And I honestly wish I could talk more about ‘Blind Spot’ because I’m very lucky to be able to tell this story. I can’t believe all that I’m getting away with. The characters I’m getting to use are some of the most exciting I’ve had the chance to work on. They’re also some of the most challenging because they’re characters I’ve always wanted to use and suddenly I’ve got the okay. All in all, it makes for a story no one can miss!”

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