The 10 Most Powerful Marvel MC2 Characters, Ranked

The Marvel Universe has countless different realities that have been explored in comics books, movies and TV series. One of these universes is commonly known as MC2 and is home to Earth 982. Here there are a number of similarities and differences to the main 616 continuity.

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In MC2, which stands for Marvel Comics 2, there are a number of familiar heroes and villains. However, many of them are slightly different to what you may expect. They could be related to the original heroes or perhaps have completely different origins. Sometimes these heroes have taken clear inspiration from characters in the main Marvel universe. Many of them are very powerful, so here are 10 characters from MC2, ranked.


Blue Streak is inspired by the speedster Quicksilver in the normal Marvel universe. Not only is Blue Streak a speedster herself, but she also sports the same blue colors that Maximoff does. This young mutant is part of a new team of heroes in the universe.

This group is put together by Hawkeye and is designed to be a new team of Avengers, known as the Dream Team. Blue Streak can run fast enough to break the sound barrier and has incredible endurance, although she can of course get tired eventually. She's still scratching the surface of her potential.


Mainframe is very obviously inspired by Tony Stark and his Iron Man armor. However, Mainframe is also created by Tony Stark himself. When the billionaire wanted to retire from the hero life, he created Mainframe, an enhanced computer program.

This program was able to fully control a suit of Iron Man armor, which Stark would then send in to battle. Therefore, no one is actually piloting Mainframe; he's an android. This makes him more powerful. as he doesn't have any of the flaws of humanity, although he could be hacked.


Spider-Girl has used her arachnid-based powers like so many others in the Spider family to heroically fight for her home city. She is May Parker, the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane, and has learnt from her father before taking on the role of Spider-Woman.

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Much like her dad, she has enhanced strength and endurance, as well as a spider sense and the ability to walk on walls. She has all the technology available to her father, including web shooters and she has the best of the best in the form of training, being taught by Elektra.


The Marvel hero that inspired this man without fear is Daredevil. Darkdevil takes the concept of the devil of Hell's Kitchen to the next level. Surprisingly, this hero is actually the son of Ben O'Reilly, the clone of Spider-Man himself.

Darkdevil had a near-death experience and his soul was taken by hell. He was turned into some kind of demon with demonic powers in addition to those he already possessed. He therefore has spider abilities like super strength and a spider sense, but also demonic powers like teleportation.


The Fantastic Five roster has changed a few times, but is largely based on what we've seen from the original Fantastic Four, albeit with a few more members, such as the kids of this close-knit, yet dysfunctional family.

After Reed Richards and Sue Storm are stuck in the Negative Zone, their son Franklin and the Human Torch's wife, Lyja, step up to help out the team. They are incredibly powerful, especially together, with a range of powers from flight to super strength and fire-based abilities. They are one of the premium teams in MC2.


Thunderstrike is a version of Thor, although without the godly origins. There have been a few different versions of Thunderstrike, but this Kevin Masterson is firmly in MC2 as a member of the Avengers on Earth.

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He has his own magical hammer, allowing him to turn into the mighty Thunderstrike. Although this rip-off of Thor is much less powerful than the original, he has absorbed the mace into his body. He is an incredible warrior, with great strength, enhanced abilities and a use of lightening as a weapon.


Sabre Claw has many of the powers of the main Sabretooth, although he is the son of Wolverine in this universe. As such, Sabre Claw is a strange mix of the two characters, although isn't quite as powerful as his sibling known as Wild Thing.

Therefore, based on his parenthood and similarities to the mutant villain, Sabre Claw has a healing factor as well as increased abilities like agility and enhanced senses. On top of this, he has incredibly dangerous claws that can be used as deadly weapons in all of his battles.

3 J2

J2, much like many others on this list, is related to a famous Marvel character. J2 is a mutant and his father is the unstoppable Juggernaut. Because of their relation, Zane Yama has inherited his father's abilities.

Much like his dad, Juggernaut 2, or J2, is completely unstoppable. Once he picks up the pace and starts moving at speed, any enemies must get out the way or risk being completely destroyed. The heroic J2 is also part of this new team of Avengers, showing how powerful he is in the universe.


Dormagus is an incredibly powerful magic wielder in MC2. In fact, when Stephen Strange stepped down as the Sorcerer Supreme for Earth 982, Doc Magus took his place, meaning this young hero is now the most influential sorcerer in this reality.

Dormagus is so powerful that he has defeated Doctor Strange in the past. The two came into conflict, and Dormagus recruited the new Avengers team. He beat Doctor Strange in combat showing, that his magic is far more powerful. At such a young age, the sky really is the limit.


Wild Thing is the other child of Wolverine and it's fair to say that she's one of the most lethal heroes in the Marvel universe. This is because she really has inherited her father's gifts, being born a mutant of immense potential.

Rina Logan is a bit of a lone wolf. Many other heroes are afraid of her because of her abilities. It was later revealed that her mother was Elektra, which made her even more dangerous. She has amazing hand-to-hand combat and martial arts abilities, as well as an incredible healing factor and of course, those trademark lethal claws.

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