Which Shonen Anime Should You Watch Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type?

Shonen anime are typically aimed at a young male audience but, of course, anime can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their backgrounds. Shonen anime tends to be exciting and fun-packed, as it seeks to engage the audience as much as possible.

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This creates a bond between the anime and its fans which, in turn, increases the enjoyment that one can gain from the anime. No matter your personality type, there is sure to be an anime that is just right for you. Here are 10 anime to check out based on your MBTI placement.


At its core, Hunter X Hunter is about the relationships Gon forms while on his adventures as a Hunter, and how these experiences change him as a person. As a Hunter, Gon must consistently battle against seemingly insurmountable odds.

But, no matter how hard it gets, Gon can always be counted on to give his best and ultimately win, in the style of a true champion. ENFP type personalities tend to be strong and dependable people, Hunter X Hunter features a brilliant leading cast who are all strong in their own right.


Kuroko is one of Kuroko no Basket's leading characters, alongside Aomine Daiki and Kagami Taiga. Unlike his more flashy counterparts, Koroko tends to be reserve and prefers to fade into the background, like a shadow.

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Much like an INTJ, Kuroko prefers to work behind the scenes while trying his best to maintain the balance and structure of the team. Throughout the course of the story, Kuroko has to learned to step out of the role of the shadow. This forces him to develop into a more competent player and human.


My Hero Academia's society was built on the back of All Might's position as the Symbol of Peace. His status as that symbol had a major influence on the crimes perpetrated by the villains of the world. The Hero Society of My Hero Academia is glorified by its citizens and many of the heroes in the series tend to act as if they are performers.

Of course, All Might is the prime example of this; always saving people with the brightest smile possible in order to reduce the worry of those he saves. ESFP tend to be talented people who like to highlight their personalities to the world, which makes My Hero Academia an ideal choice.


Gurren Lagann is a fantastic story that depicts the journey of Simon, Kamina and Yoko, as they battle against Beastmen in order to reclaim the surface of the Earth. The main cast is a crazy bunch, who seem to share many traits with people within the ENFJ personality type.

These traits include a very trusting nature, empathy and a will to make a sacrifice for one's friends. Simon, Kamina and Yoko all display these traits and this is a core element that carries the emotional weight of Gurren Lagann's plot.


Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of Bleach. After performing a sacred ritual with Rukia Kuchiki, he became a substitute soul reaper. As a Soul Reaper, Ichigo was tasked with hunting down Hollows and put them to rest, as well as purifying the souls of dead humans.

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Occasionally, Ichigo would also be required to help out the Soul Society in its time of need. Ichigo is a very capable fighter, but he truly prefers to live a peaceful life, often only getting into fights for others' sake rather than his own. Ichigo appears to be an ISFJ which makes Bleach the ideal series for an ISFJ, since it is told from the perspective of a person with the same personality type.


Bell Cranel is a young adventurer belonging to the Hestia Familia. He has an incredible ability to grow and smash his previous limiters. Bell was once a timid and weak adventurer, who merely stood by and watch as life went on around him but, after being saved by Aiz Wallenstein, Bell undergoes several changes.

He still remains reserved but has grown to be much more comfortable in his abilities and displays many traits of the ISTP personality type.


Naruto Uzumaki is the 7th Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He's currently married to Hinata Hyuga, and the two have two lovely children: Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki. Naruto struggled during his early childhood but, through hard work, determination, talent, and sacrifice, he managed to attain his goal as Hokage.

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Since he's achieved his dreams, he's set his sights on making numerous changes to the ninja world, much to the citizens' benefit. Naruto's story is filled with characters who all try to persuade others into fulfilling their agendas, which makes it fit for the action-oriented, ESTP personality type.


Fire Force Captain Princess Hibana

People with the INFJ personality type tend to be duty oriented individuals with a great passion for their work. They tend to have a very idealistic nature and, oftentimes, form close and intense bonds with the people around them. Additionally, they tend to work incredibly hard in the present, with a view to building towards a grander goal.

These traits are all traits shared by Shinra Kusakabe and many of his teammates in Fire Force, which means those with INFJ personalities are sure to find something they like in this anime.


The INFP personality type tends to be a mediator. As a mediator, they tend to weigh every decision they make before deciding what course of action to take. These people tend to be very caring towards friends, as well as have a tendency to be incredibly loyal.

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The themes of friendship and loyalty run rampant throughout Haikyuu, with it being stated, on several occasions, that volleyball is a team sport. Some of the best moments of Haikyuu focuses on the teamwork of Karasuno High which makes it an ideal watch for an INFP


At their absolute best, people with this personality type tend to be great leaders who can communicate effectively with those around them. These people tend to be confident in their own abilities and can be counted on to make the right decisions under intense pressure.

At their worst, they can come off as being stubborn, impatient and insensitive. One Piece has a tendency to frame its villains as ideological opposites to Luffy, which often results in the aforementioned behaviors being shown in many of the series' villains.

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