The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of The X-Men

Charles Xavier and his team of X-Men carry within their ranks some of the most powerful beings in all of the multi-verse. They’ve been a part of most of the greatest conflicts in Marvel history and with their introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe looming in the not-too-distant future, there’s no better time to catch up with some of our favorite mutants. So whether you’re a fan of Cyclops and the dimensional gates packed into his eyeballs or you prefer to follow your animal instincts like Logan, we’ll dive into some of Marvel’s most powerful mutants and the Myers-Briggs® Types of the X-Men as well as some of their greatest foes.

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7 Scott Summers “Cyclops”: The Logistician - ISTJ

If you’ve been paying attention to any of the more recent X-Men comics, then you know that Scott Summers AKA Cyclops has been getting a lot of flak lately. Scott is a creature of habit; a logical, dedicated and capable soldier in the fight for mutant rights. In many ways, it makes a lot of sense that Scott would leave behind the teachings of Professor X, a man defined by his understanding and compassionate nature towards not just his fellow mutants, but human and alien kind alike. When you stop to think about it for a second, it’s actually quite surprising that Scott hadn’t made the transition to Magneto’s side of the fight a long time ago.

6 Jean Grey: The Protagonist - ENFJ

Wielder of the Phoenix Force, omega level mutant, apple of Cyclops’ eye and the bane of Wolverine’s existence, Jean Grey is certainly a powerful (albeit frightening) example of what a mutant can become under the wrong circumstances. While she is most known for her role in the Dark Phoenix Saga, and her place in both Logan and Scott’s hearts, Jean is often the moral compass of the team. While Scott and Logan are off having some nonsense brawl over who’s X gene is bigger or whatever they fight about, Jean is the one getting down to the root of the problem. During her time with Professor X, she has learned quite a bit and has grown into a wise and compassionate mentor to the younger students, becoming a mentor that is always willing to shoulder the burden (or pick up the fight) for the sake of her fellow mutants.

5 Logan “Wolverine”: The Virtuoso - ISTP

Logan, AKA James Howlett, AKA Wolverine is, by this point, probably one of, if not the most famous of all the X-Men. Logan relies on his senses and his instincts to get him around. He hardly cares for the “meaning” behind an event and while someone like Jean may look for the deeper reasoning behind an attack, Logan sees only the attack. And the blood (or wiry robot bits) of his enemies. Wolverine isn’t a natural when it comes to working on a team, a fact that Scott, a man who is typically viewed as a leader among the X-Men, can attest to.

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4 Eric Lehnsherr “Magneto”: The Architect - INTJ

There’s a certain cold, unyielding logic when it comes to Magneto’s approach to dealing with the humans who oppose the mutant uprising. A victim of Hilter’s occupation of Europe during the Holocaust, Eric Lehnsherr, as he was called back then, is no longer willing to deal with the those in power oppressing his people as they had in the past. Magneto pays no mind to the innocent people he’s harmed, the lives he ruined, or even the other mutants he’s hurt because they mean very little when compared to his one real goal: A world safe for mutants everywhere. His rival Charles may have a more compassionate and understanding approach when it comes to dealing with the aggressive humans and mutants alike, but it is Eric who routinely pushes the societal boundaries that the mutants are bound by. Even if he is wildly misguided most of the time.

3 Professor Charles Xavier: The Advocate - INFJ

While his rival Magneto is only concerned with the endgame and making sure the mutants get their rightful spot on top of humanity, Professor X is much more concerned with how the mutants get to their place in the food chain. Professor X is able to see past the mistakes of a few small groups of humans and recognize that without the help of humans, mutant kind will have a hard time becoming anything more than a blip on the evolutionary radar. While Charles is definitely capable of gathering a group of followers, like Magneto, Charles plays his card very close to the chest. A trait that’s in direct opposition of his ability to look into anyone’s hand at will.

2 Hank McCoy “Beast”: The Logician - INTP

While he may not look it at first glance, Hank McCoy, or Beast as he’s known throughout the X-Men, is one of the most intelligent people in the entire Marvel landscape. Hank, much like Charles, is incredibly intuitive and thoughtful, regularly depended on for solving the more technical issues that the X-Men may have, like turning a jet invisible or creating a machine to make Professor X’s power reach every person on the planet. While someone like Magneto will devise a plan for months and adhere to it to a fault, Hank is much more comfortable in the shifting waters of the world around him.

1 Remy Lebeau “Gambit”: The Debater - ENTP

While we haven’t seen an acceptable version of Remy make an appearance in the films yet, Gambit has long been one of the X-Men fandoms’ favorites. Remy is a sly, smooth-talking thief who always knows exactly how to get wherever he’s trying to go; whether that be somewhere relatively simple like the secret hideout or the Morlocks, or somewhere unimaginably difficult to get into, like Rogue’s good graces. Gambit is not shy about making his thoughts known and if he believes there’s a better way to get something done he won't hesitate to either let it be known or go off and do it his way anyway.

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