The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Voltron: Legendary Defender Characters

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Now that Voltron: Legendary Defender has aired its final episode and we’re all feeling the emptiness that comes with yet another incredible cartoon coming to an end. So what better time than now to revisit the intrepid space travelers once again? We’ll take a deeper look into what’s really driving Voltron’s crew and some of the enemies they’ve faced off against. What really led Zarkon to become the scourge of the known universe? What keeps Shiro going when everything seems like it’s lost? Let’s see what their personality types have to say about how they make their decisions and why.

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10. Acxa: The Architect - INTJ

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Much like most of the Galra we meet, Acxa is cold, calculated, and highly rational. She can be fiercely loyal, but as we see with Lotor, once the trust is betrayed she won’t hesitate to betray old allies. While she is an antagonist for most of the series, we see that she isn’t entirely heartless. She had plenty of time to dispose of Keith during the events of “The Belly Of Weblum”. She did end up stealing the Scaultrite though, but that seems like a fair trade for the life of one of Voltron’s five pilots.

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9. Zarkon: The Commander - ENTJ


Zarkon is a ruthless leader and a brilliant tactician, capable of doing much good in the universe, but also of doing great evil. He is energetic, powerful, and he demands complete respect and utter fear from those that follow him. Zarkon, despite his truly horrific nature, is an awe-inspiring leader, growing the Galra Empire relentlessly after the death of his wife and the corruption caused by his use of quintessence while trying to save her. Zarkon may not have always fought for the good guys, but when he did, he was an incredible ally to have. The black lion didn’t pick just him due to a fluke.

8. Lotor: The Architect - INTJ

While his father Zarkon is loud, demanding, and violent, Lotor is a much more collected version of his father. He’s not afraid to sit back and plot, waiting for any momentary weakness, any crack in the armor that will lead to his father’s downfall. And if there aren’t any available, then Lotor has no problem taking the actions necessary to create one. When push comes to shove Lotor isn’t one to shy away from the hard task (like killing his father, leader of the Galra Empire) either.

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7. Shiro: The Advocate - INFJ

Shiro Voltron

Shiro is a thoughtful, skilled, and caring leader to the crew of Voltron. Whether it’s taking on Zarkon all by himself or doing everything he can to help Matt from being forced into becoming a fighter for the Galra Empire’s gladiatorial arena, Shiro is seemingly always ready and able to help out a friend in need. Shiro can also be a very private person, especially after all the traumas he must have endured during his time spent in the Galra’s gladiatorial arena. Shiro may seem composed and strong on the outside, but inside of him there is a lot of pain and if you think that pain doesn’t drive his decision-making process, then you’re mistaken.

6. Pidge: The Logician - INTP

Pidge Voltron Legendary Defender

For the most part, Pidge has a lot in common with most of the Galra we’ve met. She is a masterful tactician, maneuvering the battlefield like a skilled jazz musician would maneuver their way through an improvised set. A major difference between them, however, is that Pidge is never ready or willing to sacrifice her friends and family for the sake of the plan. She’s fiercely independent, loyal to her loved one, and determined to the point of obsession. Pidge is also very adaptive and excels when she’s expected to come up with a plan, hack into something, or save the day on the fly.

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5. Allura: The Executive - ESTJ

Allura is deeply connected to her people and the history of her people. She lives her life based on what she believes is her duty. Allura, despite having been asleep for the past 10,000 years, is enormously capable; able to pilot both the Altaen castle and the blue lion. She’s also proficient in the use of magic and a very skilled martial artist. Allura is dedicated, driven, and duty-bound. She’ll likely stop at nothing to right the wrongs committed the Galra Empire during her astonishingly long nap.

4. Lance: The Entrepreneur - ESTP

Lance can be a very charming and caring individual that will stop at nothing to save his friends. It’s a good thing for Lance that he was chosen as one of the paladins of Voltron because if he hadn’t he would have found it very difficult to thrive in the structured environment of the Galaxy Garrison. So it makes a lot of sense that he would branch out on his own, creating his own path towards becoming the paladin of the red lion. Lance has always been more of a “figure it out as we go” kind of paladin and he’s great at thinking on his feet.

3. Coran: The Debater - ENTP

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Coran, much like his counter Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender, is a fast-talking, wise-cracking, debater. He’s inventive, skilled, and absolutely loves messing with the paladins. Coran can also be very traditional when it comes to respecting the legacy of Altea. He is also shockingly intelligent, which comes from a very dedicated and intense level of study. Coran is a bit of geek as he willingly puts on display whenever the chance arises. He’s been playing monster and mana since he was a boy, a hallmark of every long-term nerd.

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2. Hunk: The Consul - ESFJ

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While Hunk is one of the most technically capable among the paladins of Voltron, he’s also one of the most compassionate and empathetic members of the group. Hunk loves to learn and takes the opportunity to access new stores of knowledge just about anywhere and everywhere he can. Hunk is endlessly loyal to his friends and while he can often be a little needy and reluctant to improvise the way that Pidge does naturally, he’s always willing to what’s necessary for the sake of his friends and the galaxy at large.

1. Keith: The Virtuoso - ISTP

Voltron Keith

Probably one of, if not, the most independent member of an entire crew filled with independent personality types. Keith is naturally skilled, capable of picking new concepts rather quickly, and all but incapable of backing down from a challenge. Much like his Galra relatives, Keith is logical, perceptive, and while he may not be the best tactician, he definitely has the skills to fight his way out of any situation he needs to. Keith can be hot-headed, temperamental, and all too ready to jump into a fight (much like another famous ISTP, Frank Castle).

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