Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of The Simpsons Characters

The Simpsons has been around for a long time. An animated show about an American family, it has gained fans all over the world and has almost become a comfort-food show; one of those TV shows you can throw on in the background and feel that sense of nostalgia as the family’s voices blare through the room while you’re multi-tasking.

The somewhat stereotypical nature of the personalities on the show means that most are easy to type in terms of the Myers-Briggs® system, but you can let us know if you disagree with any! Or if you match any of the characters mentioned.

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10 Homer Simpson: ESFP

Homer, despite being in many ways the main character of the show, is actually a pretty hard one to type. It’s more his weaknesses that give him away as an ESFP rather than anything else. He doesn’t like conflict and can’t seem to handle being in trouble with Marge; he’s very unfocused and doesn’t seem to be able to plan ahead, coming across as extremely unorganized; and yet, he can be very sensitive and seems to get his feelings hurt quite a lot in the show.

All of this adds up to him being an ESFP. That, and the fact he’s a very obvious extravert and seems to like being around people rather than alone.

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9 Marge Simpson: ISFJ

Then there’s Marge. She’s not quite the opposite of her husband by any means, but she is in one way - she’s an introvert, seemingly preferring to spend time alone or just with her family than time around people. Already, she screams ISFJ.

She’s very supportive of her children and her husband, and works hard to make sure her family can get what they need. She’s reliable and practical, seemingly often frustrated that Homer isn’t the same way. She can overload herself and take on too much, and doesn’t seem to like to admit to this, and all of this points to her being a pretty classic ISFJ.

8 Bart Simpson: ESTP

Unlike his father, Bart isn’t really a hard character to type. He’s bold and sociable, loves spending time with his friends and is constantly getting into mischief and pushing Homer’s boundaries. He’s tactless and insensitive, and often extremely defiant and rebellious when it comes to his parents. He pushes the limits far more than his sister, and doesn’t seem to be entirely like either parent (although, of course, we don’t know how Homer was when he was younger aside from flashbacks).

All of this points towards him being an ESTP and when you look at the other qualities an ESTP holds, this all makes perfect sense for Bart.

7 Lisa Simpson: INFJ

She’s often typed as the smart one in the family. Lisa is the one who focuses at school, who studies and gets good grades, and who people tend to gravitate towards when they need an answer.

She’s very passionate and tends to get very involved in politics because she has strong, compassionate beliefs when it comes to issues. She comes across as fairly selfless but is also a perfectionist and sometimes, this seems to get the better of her.

Like her brother, she isn’t a hard one to type. Lisa is an INFJ, and a pretty textbook one at that.

6 Ned Flanders: ESFJ

Ned Flanders is the most annoying character in the series. Sorry, ESFJs - we know you aren’t all like that! But Ned pushes his beliefs on other people and gets far too involved in their business for anyone to be comfortable. Homer especially seems to hate the guy and although he can be pretty rude about it… we get it.

He has a strong sense of duty and loves to connect with others, which is great and very ESFJ, but he also shows the weaknesses of one too - and very clearly at that. He’s very clingy and won’t listen to anyone telling him that he might be strong on certain issues. His uncompromising nature is one of the most annoying things about him.

5 Mr. Burns: ENTJ

Mr. Burns is Homer’s boss way up the chain, and we actually see quite a lot of him. He’s painted as pretty villainous for most of the series, actually. He loves power, which is why he seems to have risen so high at his job, and he can be very manipulative when it comes to maintaining it. He constantly walks all over poor Smithers and seems to not notice he’s doing it, as it’s almost second nature to him at this point.

With all the good and bad points of a natural born commander, he clearly is an ENTJ - a strong leader who sometimes goes way, way overboard.

4 Milhouse: INFP

Milhouse is Bart’s best friend and has a crush on Lisa. He’s creative and clever, but seems to unintentionally be very tactless and bad in social situations. Although Lisa mostly seems like she isn’t remotely interested, he doesn’t seem to take the hint, and he’s also a target for bullying because he seems to be very soft-hearted and stick too doggedly to his altruism rather than stand up for himself. He is, however, very open-minded and dedicated, seeming to have a lot of good values that get crushed when he doesn’t completely have the guts to stick to what he believes.

He’s an INFP; just one who needs to better learn social boundaries, both for himself and drawing them out for others!

3 Ralph: ISTP

Another kid in the series is Ralph. Son of the police chief, Ralph has it pretty hard. He’s bullied in school because he’s not particularly intelligent, but he also doesn’t seem to notice and is pretty oblivious to what’s going on most of the time. He’s actually usually seen with a smile on his face despite having a life that should be pretty hard.

Also, he's very relaxed in life, seeming to just take things as they come and not worry too hard about the future - in fact, most would say he’s too relaxed, taking one of the more positive ISTP traits way, way too far.

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2 Nelson: ESTJ

Another kid in the school is Nelson. He’s a bully, from what we see of him. He spends most of his time laughing at the other children and abusing them. Bullies want respect from other people and are often misguided in how they go about it, but that core idea of him wanting respect from other people would suggest he’s an ESTJ. Furthering that theory is the whole rebellious behaviour - doesn’t matter how much he’s told off from the school, he continues what he’s doing despite what surely must be a strong risk of expulsion at this point.

Well, at least he’s dedicated.

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1 Sideshow Bob: INTJ

Sideshow Bob is, hands down, the creepiest character in the entire series. He poses as a children’s entertainer who works with Krusty the Clown but is really a criminal mastermind and Bart Simpson’s nemesis. The two actually go head to head on a number of occasions, despite the obvious unfair advantage of Bart being a child and Sideshow Bob being a fully grown man.

His plotting and cunning make him an INTJ. He’s organized and proactive enough that the -NTJ part stands out, but he’s also private enough about his plans to be an introvert over an extravert.

Of course the villain is the INTJ.

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