The MBTI® of Fantastic Four Characters

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With news of the Fox-Disney merger back in July, there’s been a lot of talk circulating about revitalizing the Fantastic Four and bringing them into the MCU. We’ve even reported on some evidence from the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer that hints that the Fantastic Four may make an appearance in the film. So, if we are getting a bit of a Fantastic Four fix in the coming months, it’s only fair that we spend a little time analyzing the people and characters that make up the First Family of superheroes- and their enemies.

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It’s time to give the Fantastic Four the Myers-Briggs® treatment and put them to the ultimate personality test.

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Ioan Gruffudd as Mister Fantastic
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Ioan Gruffudd as Mister Fantastic

Mister Fantastic is the leader and founding member of the Fantastic Four and embodies an ENTJ personality type. He’s arguably one of the most intelligent people in the Marvel universe (just take a look at these wild contraptions he’s created), and uses this intelligence to help lead the group in the most logical and effective way.

ENTJs are decision makers who command the attention of their peers, and someone like Mister Fantastic, who takes charge in the fight against evil, is a natural leader. Couple that with his superhuman ability to resist damage and bend his body at will, and you’ve got someone we’d all be comfortable following into darkness.


Susan Storm Fantastic Four comics

Sue Storm is a compassionate, caring individual who could also give you a whooping if you’re not careful. She’s an INFJ because she is the maternal figure of the group. Part of her talent is helping others nurture and grow, while also being the strong protector that the world needs.

She’s been looking after her brother all of these years, and in the early years of the Fantastic Four’s initial establishment, she was largely in charge of keeping everyone together. Then, she had some pretty fantastic superhuman children of her own. Now that’s a strong and insightful nurturer.


Johnny Storm aka The Human Torch Fantastic Four

Johnny Storm is the definition of an ESFP personality type. He’s brash, impulsive, and he even has his own catchphrase. Everything he does is arguably interesting and entertaining. He’s originally a little impressionable, but ultimately knows when to do the right thing and will always step in to help save his friends and family.

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Despite his lack of direction, he’s a great character to have on the team because he adds that variety that we all know and love. I mean, you’d be a fiery hothead too, if you could make your entire body burst into flames on command. Flame on, dude.


Ben Grimm aka The Thing Fantastic Four

Like Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm is an ESFP. He’s one of those people who loves getting a laugh out of his friends and, with a giant rock body, he’s undoubtedly used to commanding attention. I mean, the entire reason he ended up teaming up with Mister Fantastic is because he made a joke about piloting his starship.

You’d also have to have a good sense of humor if you emerge from the cosmic radiation and you have to live in this giant, not-so-attractive rock body, while the others get to look normal and still experience exceptional powers. And, quite frankly, how can you not be entertained when he yells out, “It’s clobberin’ time!”?


Victor Von Doom aka Dr Doom

Doom is powerful, egotistical, and intelligent. However, his ego and perfectionist nature often get in the way of his ability to execute his plans and take down the Fantastic Four once and for all. All he wants is world power, but to get it, he has to take down the heroes in his way.

For this reason, he is an ENTP personality type. ENTPs are people who are on a quest for innovation and exploration, and never pass up a good opportunity to capitalize on something. For Doom, it’s usually capitalizing on an opportunity to take over the world, but that darn superhero team keeps getting in his way.


Harvey Elder aka Mole Man Fantastic Four

Like Mister Fantastic, Mole Man is also a commander. He loves to be in control and dominating his Moloid minions. His intelligence allows him to remain a threat to the Fantastic Four while controlling others around him. One of the biggest indicators of the ENTJ personality type is the ability to have the attention of followers and minions. This is due to their strong leadership skills.

While Mister Fantastic does this together with his Fantastic Four family, Mole Man does this in the opposite way: by commanding control over the Moloids and making them help with his evil bidding.


The Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four

This fallen hero first appeared in Fantastic Four #48 and later received his own brief spin-off series in 1968. This would be the first of many on-and-off appearances over time. He is an ISFP because of his adventurous nature and his ability to support and cooperate with others (whether they are good or bad) to create an effective plan.

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The Silver Surfer has spent most of his life navigating the cosmos. He also bravely betrayed Galactus when the Fantastic Four help him realize there is good inside him. He also started out as an astronomer on the planet Zenn-La, and astronomers are adventurers by nature.


Namor the Sub-Mariner Fantastic Four

Namor is someone who likes to deal with his problems in his own way and provides his own solutions, no matter where they stand on the moral compass. This makes him an ESTP personality type- ESTPs are people who take it into their own hands to fix things they believe are wrong. He’ll take up vengeance against anyone, whether you’re a hero or a villain, as long as the problem gets solved.

He fought beside Captain America in World War II, and it’s his anger that caused the Avengers to find his frozen body. So, while he’s simultaneously tried to take down the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, he’s also produced some positive results.


Super-Skrull Fantastic Four comics

Super-Skrull was initially designed as the ultimate secret weapon to be used against the Fantastic Four. He was later also deployed against Captain Marvel and Thor, to name a few of his adventures. Super-Skrull is a big tough minion, having been sent to do the bidding for various villains, including Doctor Doom.

For this reason, he is an ISFP. As with the Silver Surfer, Super-Skrull is able to cooperate with others and provide the support they need to carry out their plans. He's also brave enough to jump into battle or adventure against some of the best superheroes in the galaxy.


Galactus from Fantastic Four comic series

Galactus wants to be in control of the entire universe, and he believes that he is the most powerful force in the galaxy. He considers himself almost god-like, and he does devour planets, leaving forces of destruction in his path. For this reason, Galactus is an ESTJ personality type.

He has that controlling nature and has the ability to get others on his side to achieve his own goals, even if it means nothing to those who are helping him. He can argue, and he can be controlling, which makes him the perfect being to destroy the universe… or so he thought.

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