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My Hero Academia

10. Tomura Shigaraki: The Idealist - INFP

While All For One may have antagonized the keepers of One For All for seven generations it looks like even he has an expiration date. Enter: Shigaraki Tomura. Shigaraki is one of the more troubled characters in the series due to the traumas he endured as a child, so while he is an INFP (typically known for their aversion to violence and troublemaking), he is a corrupted INFP. He is analytical, impatient, structured, and able to take control of a large group when needed. Shigaraki may be a deplorable villain set on destroying All Might and the rest of the heroes, but his goal is much more than that. What Shigiraki really wants is for dependence on heroes to be extinguished. As Shigaraki might put it, heroes use violence just like villains do, the only difference is they have crowds cheering for their violence. This dependence on (and idolization of) the heroes is what he believes has thrown the world out of harmony.

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9. Tsuyu Asui: The Defender - ISFJ

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It makes a lot of sense that that Asui has managed to hop right into the hearts of many fans of the series. She is kind, dependable, great in a crisis, and she a strong sense of right and wrong. While Izuku and the gang are all off breaking the rules in hopes of saving Bakugou, Asui is left in the dorms. It's not because she doesn’t want to help rescue Bakugou, but because for Asui, the line between good and bad isn’t something that can be shifted. She knows that they are students of UA—the most prestigious hero academy there is—and as such, they are responsible for upholding those ideals. She struggles greatly with the actions of Izuku and the gang before finally confronting them about what they’ve done. Repressing emotions too difficult to deal with can be a character flaw of Asui and other ISFJs like her.

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8. Shoto Todoroki: The Architect - INTJ

Todoroki’s quirk may be called “Half Hot/Half Cold,” but to anyone seeking the warmth of Todoroki’s personality, it may as well be called, “Full Cold. Full Stop.” I think one of the best examples of Todoroki’s personality comes during Class 1-A’s battle trials. Todoroki walks into the building, with both he and Mezo needing to recover, and immediately send out his teammate before freezing the entire building — faux-villains, bomb, and all. Cold, clean, and efficient, he doesn’t waste a single second worrying about anything but the best and quickest way to win the trial. That's an INTJ through and through.

7. Momo Yaoyorozu: The Advocate - INFJ

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Momo Yaoyorozu is incredibly intelligent, analytical, and deeply empathetic towards those around her. One of her biggest fears is of not being of use when she is needed. Her quirk, “creation,” enables her to create almost anything she can think of. While it may seem like an innately powerful quirk, what hides behind it is a studious and unstoppable work ethic. As we see in the provisional license exams, Momo is very good at predicting the moves of those around her. This comes more from a natural ability to empathize with any opponent, making it easy to decipher their intentions. INFJs like Momo can, however, be held back by their perfectionist tendencies if they aren’t too careful, though.

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6. Aizawa Shota (Eraserhead): The Craftsman - ISTP

Eraserhead elaborates pretty early one that his simple quirk, “erasure,” is not a very powerful quirk at all. The most powerful aspect of Eraserhead is his personality. He is strong, analytical, hard-working, and both willing and able to adapt to any curve balls that get thrown at him. A great example of this takes place during the invasion of U. A.. While Eraserhead's quirk is best utilized in one-on-one bouts with villains used mostly in conjunction with guerilla tactics, we see Eraserhead jump into the center of a crowd of villains without a second thought. He not only manages to take down many villains on his own with the limited powers of his quirk, but he also continues fighting well past his limits in order to protect his students.

ISTPs may not be born with the most powerful gifts but they’ll take the hand they’ve been dealt and build it into something formidable.

5. Ochaco Uraraka: The Campaigner - ENFP

Uraraka is no stranger to making new friends. Even at a school as prestigious and intimidating as U.A. In fact, Uraraka is the first friend Midoriya makes as he enters the grounds for the entrance exams. Ochaco is always ready to have a good time and is there to help out a friend whenever needed. She’s also the type of person that knows when to get serious; she’ll probably surprise a lot of people just like she surprised Bakugou during the sports tournament arc. Regardless of how serious Uraraka gets, she’s someone that Midoriya and the rest of Class 1-A will be able to depend on for help whenever it’s needed.

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4. Yagi Toshinori (All Might): The Protagonist - ENFJ

Toshinori Yagi, the legend, the fearless protector that always wears a smile, All Might himself. All Might is a kind and endlessly compassionate human being. While he may hide his fears in battle behind that trademark smile, Toshinori truly lives his ideals; he’s willing and eager to help anyone that crosses his path. Toshinori may have become the greatest hero that ever existed, but behind that and beyond it, he is an empathetic individual striving to do good. He's an energetic teacher ushering in the next generation of heroes. As Aizawa may put it, he’s the kind of hero that does well in front of a camera.

3. Fumikage Tokoyami: The Virtuoso - ISTP

Tokoyami, much like his fellow ISTP Aizawa, is calm, collected, and rational. We only see brief instances of Tokoyami during the invasion of U.A., but we know that he is thrown into an area bounded by a torrential downpour and is left alone with only one other student. Tokoyami is one of the strongest students in Class 1-A and probably all throughout U.A. In a lot of ways, he is much the opposite of his quirk “Dark Shadow” as he's often shown too quiet and focused on whatever lies in front of him. Meanwhile, Dark Shadow is typically depicted as loud, demanding, and crass. A lot like someone else on this list...

2. Katsuki Bakugou: The Commander - ENTJ

Did someone say something about loud, demanding, and crass? I guess that means it’s time to talk about Bakugou. Say what you will about the guy, but the dude’s a natural born leader. People around him are attracted to him because they can see, and beyond that feel, that this kid is going to make it big. Now, whether he’s going to make it as a hero or villain is still up for debate. Bakugou is used to being ahead, in the lead, and all-around having things go his way, which has corrupted his self-confidence transmuting it into arrogance. We know that what Bakugou wants more than anything is to pick up where All Might left off, but if he continues to let his impatience and arrogance control him, it could spell trouble for a lot of people at U.A.

1. Izuku Midoriya: The Protector - INFJ

Last but definitely not least, we have the inheritor of One For All, the eighth wonder: Izuku Midoriya. Izuku is about as analytical as any fanboy (including this one) can get. He is obstinate, structured, diligent, and inspiring. Deku, perhaps more than anyone else in his class, cares about those around him in a way that truly brings about change in his fellow students. In a lot of ways, All Might choosing Midoriya to take on the burden of One For All makes perfect sense, as they are practically the same personality type. The key difference being that while Toshinori is a natural people person, Midoriya has to work a little harder at putting on that smile and being the animated hero simultaneously saving the day, easing the worries of bystanders.

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