The Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Fairy Tail Characters

The anime, Fairy Tail features a wide array of characters in its long run. The show is a shonen style series featuring heavy themes of family and friendship. The characters are all unique and interesting in their own ways. In the kingdom of Fiore, mages with special powers like fire-eating, celestial summoning, and ice manipulation join up with guilds to take on jobs in return for their services. One guild, Fairy Tail, houses some of the fiercest mages in the land.

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The Fairy Tail mages protect their guild at all costs and grow closer to one another in the process. As we follow Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, and the rest of the Fairy Tail family through their journeys, we see their true personalities surface. In this list, we will look over the Meyers-Briggs personality types of some of your favorite characters.

10 Wendy - ISFP

Wendy Marvel, the baby dragon slayer of the bunch identifies as an ISFP personality type. She is a quiet child that cares deeply for her friends. She is an introvert that doesn’t come out of her shell upon first meeting new people. It takes her some time to be social, but when she is she becomes very attached and loyal.

9 Gajeel - ESTP

The iron dragon slayer, Gajeel is an ESTP for sure. He is very energetic and puts a lot into his fighting skills, never backing down. He is also a thrillseeker, constantly looking for new people to fight and making rivalries to better himself.

His sense of humor is sometimes rude, but he means well and is mostly trying to be funny. He is not emotional very often and prefers not to make things too serious.

8 Levy - INTP

Levy McGarden is an INTP personality. She is incredibly quick-witted and loves to learn. She likes finding solutions to problems and is very good at it. Her intellect sometimes prevents her from getting very close to people. She often doubts herself and feels a disconnect with the rest of the group at first.

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When she opens up to Lucy they become fast friends and she ends up opening up to the rest of the group as well. When talking about a topic she is knowledgeable about she tends to be very enthusiastic and informative.

7 Happy - ESTP

Happy, Natsu's cat is an ESTP personality. Like Gajeel, he makes many jokes and prefers not to be very serious. He is the life of the party wherever he goes and steals the spotlight from the rest of the guild, at times.

He is playful and usually a good sport about other people joking with him. Happy is very sociable with everyone he meets. He is not shy at all. Another trait he posses that aligns with the ESTP personality type is his boldness. He is unafraid to speak his mind.

6 Carla - ISTJ

Carla is Wendy's cat and an ISTJ personality type. Carla is a cat who always knows what is going on and where she is needed to best be of help. Carla is very attached to Wendy and pushes and motivates her to be better. She is loyal and dutiful in her protection of Wendy.

She prefers not to talk with many people and keeps her inner circle close. She is a very hard character to get to know. She is a detail-oriented character that is great at strategizing to help Wendy the best way she can.

5 Erza - ENTJ

Erza Scarlet is an ENTJ personality. Her fierceness is admired by many in the Fairy Tail Guild. She is a natural-born leader and demands respect when she enters a room. She helps keep the order in the absence of Guildmaster, Makarov.

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She uses strategics in her fighting skills and can easily outsmart opponents in battle. She is a peacekeeper of the guild, making sure Natsu and Gray do not get into too much trouble. She is strong-willed and charismatic. It's no surprise that she is chosen as the seventh guild master of Fairy Tail.

4 Juvia - ISTP

Juvia Lockser is an ISTP personality type. Juvia is a very reserved character, except for when it comes to her love, Gray Fullbuster. Most of her life she is withdrawn and mostly observes her surroundings instead of actively living in them.

She keeps quiet around most people and it takes time to get to know her well. She is great at coming up with alternative solutions that most do not think of implementing, like in her battles with Keyes and Invel. She is a patient and trusting individual full of love.

3 Gray - ISTJ

Gray Fullbuster is another ISTJ. He is usually a level headed and calm guy unless it comes to fighting with Natsu. Gray is not the type of guy who will take your word for something he is trying to accomplish. Instead, he would try things out for himself, even if he was wrong to understand more about the situation.

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He is a fearless protector of the Fairy Tail Guild and a loyal friend. He shows examples of this countless times, offering to sacrifice his life to ensure the safety of his friends.

2 Lucy - ENFJ

Lucy Heartfilia is an ENFJ personality type. Lucy is a driven and energetic character. She has goals for herself and her future. She carries out well-detailed plans to propel herself forward in her endeavors.

She is a caring, but stern individual. She is often seen as an optimistic person who tries to help people look on the bright side of things and always finds the good in people. Her communication skills are to be admired and they assist her on her journey to become a writer.

1 Natsu - ESFP

Natsu Dragneel, the fire-eating dragon slayer is an ESFP personality type. He has an unstoppable amount of energy and charms others around him. He has a way of engaging a room and entertaining people.

He is spontaneous and often brings Lucy and his other close friends along with him on his impromptu adventures. Along with his energy, Natsu exudes a warmness that draws people to him. He is usually a friendly and outspoken guy.

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