Thanks to Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Rules the Roost in May 2018 Comic Sales

Marvel's True Believers line of reprints seem to bring in in the ballpark of 100,000 units on a practically monthly basis. These low cost reprints are working for Marvel. DC might want to consider doing a similar line of reprints. Perhaps ones showcasing characters from the various television shows. Or maybe they could think a little more outside of the box and try something like a weekly series reprinting the Legion of Super-Heroes stories from the beginning.

The reorders category removed 28,164 units compared to last month. DC dominated reorder activity within the top 300 this month while Marvel dominated last month. Looking at the top 500 comics, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Thanos and Doomsday Clock all had reorder activity on multiple issues.

Looking at the unit for the top 300 comics, we can see that sales are doing much better in the second quarter than they were during the first quarter of 2018. A weak first quarter is not unusual. Shifts in sales of millions of units from month to month are also not uncommon. The up-swing of 2,950,845 units and the down-swing of -2,798,478 units this month with 6,967,776 units for the top 300 comics show how much volatility there is in the market. A certain amount of fluctuation in sales from month to month is excepted. But the magnitude and frequency of the units shifting up and down every month comes with some risk.

In addition to risk, the constant rotation and relaunching of titles makes it more complex for new people to get engaged in reading comics. The $3.99 price point doesn't help either. Being a casual comic book fan is harder than it needs to be. Comic book properties are as accepted by the mass audience as they are every likely to get. Now is the time for the industry to work on converting these fans of the properties in to comic book readers. Even if they are causal comic book readers which only pick up the occasional comic book, they is still a major step in the right direction. With sales of new items on the top 300 comics list averaging between around 18,000 and 28,000 units most months, converting even a tiny percentage of the people watching the television shows and movies based on comics could result in a measurable increase in sales.

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