Thanks to Amazing Spider-Man, Marvel Rules the Roost in May 2018 Comic Sales

Venomized was a five issue miniseries. Four of the issues shipped last month and the final issue shipped in May. Venomized #5 sold 39,849 units and was down 7.6% from the previous issue. Venomized #1 sold around 103,720 units and the middle three issues sold between 43,100 and 44,600 units.

Sonic the Hedgehog was weekly in April and only one issue shipped in May. While the sales of Sonic the Hedgehog #5 of 12,561 units are about half the 24,693 units Sonic the Hedgehog #1 sold, all four of the weekly issues from last month has reorder activity in the top 500 comics list in May.

Amazing Spider-Man was down 14,364 units for the month but Amazing Spider-Man #800 topped the sales in May 2018 with around 411,480 units. In addition to being an oversized "magic number" issue, the issue was the penultimate issues of Dan Slott's lengthy run and had an open-to-order alternate cover, a 1-in-25 incentive cover, 1 1in-500 incentive cover, a 1-in-1,000 incentive cover and a meet-or-exceed 150% of Amazing Spider-Man #797 blank incentive cover.

The continuing titles which lost sales category removed 297,719 units compared to last month.

Second issue drops on Marvel titles can be sharp. An example of this is Domino #1 which sold 92,939 units last month followed by a 71.66% drop on Domino #2 which sold 26,343 units. Domino #1 has two 1-in-25 incentive cover, a 1-in-50 incentive cover and two meet-or-exceed 125% of X-Men Red #2 incentive covers. Using first issue sales to gauge interest on a Marvel title is increasingly pointless.

Immortal Men #2 was down 42.56% to around 27,896 units. The difference between this and a drop of a similar percentage for a Marvel title is the first issue of Immortal Men didn't have a number of incentive covers.

Last month Domino was in the ballpark of twice the units of Immortal Men. This month, Immortal Men sold about 500 more units and Domino. A case could be made that Domino is the strong title because it launched higher. Or that it is the weaker title because it had a sharper drop. Or that the two issues are on roughly even footing because they are currently selling roughly the same amount. It is all a matter of perspective.

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