Mayo Report: January's Comic Sales Numbers Are Healthier Than You Might Think

January 2018 had 6,003,589 units in the top 300 comics list, an increase of 276,981 units from last month. This is the lowest January total unit for the top 300 comics since January 2012 which had 5,782,320 units. While well below average, January 2018 was still much stronger than the 4,402,738 total units in January 2011 which was the record low point during the final order era which began in early 2003 when Diamond first started reporting sales based on invoiced to stores. Doomsday Clock #3 topped the chart with 157,714 units followed by Dark Nights: Metal #5 with 149,076 units. They were the only two comics to sell over 100,000 units in January.

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DC Comics placed 2,681,510 units in the top 300 comics and was up 272,102 units in the top 300 compared to last month and accounted for 44.67% of the total units for the top 300 comics. Marvel Comics was up 53,640 units with 2,360,010 units in the top 300 comics which accounted for 39.31% of the total units. Image Comics accounted for 6.99% of the total units with 419,515 units in the top 300 comics, up 84,927 units compared to last month. IDW Publishing had 179,699 units in the top 300 comics which accounted for 2.99% of the total units and Dark Horse had 30,681 units in the top 300 comics and accounted for 0.51% of the total units. In total, the premiere publishers accounted for 93.43% of the units in the top 300 comics this month while all of the other publishers with items in the top 300 accounted for 6.57% of the units combined.

BOOM! Studios, Dynamite Entertainment and Valiant Entertainment each had one 1% of the total for the top 300 comics while Archie Comics, Aftershock Comics, One Press, Abstract Studios, UDON Entertainment, Titan Comics, Bongo Entertainment, Broadsword Comics and United Plankton Pictures each has less than 1% of the total units. Abstract Studios, Bongo Entertainment and Broadsword Comics got back on the top 300 comics list while Action Lab Entertainment, Albatross Funnybooks, Avatar Press, Fantagraphics Books, Heavy Metal Magazine, Joe Books, New England Comics and Zenescope Entertainment dropped off the list this month.

The up-swing of 1,518,204 units from new and increased sales was enough to compensate for the down-swing of 1,241,223 units from lost sales resulting in a net increase of 276,981 units from last month. While new titles and returning titles contributed to the net increase, it was the 379,995 units of increased sales on continuing titles which was unusually high. The only other month in the past year to have such an increase in continuing titles was October 2017 with an increase by 389,427 units.

The continuing titles which gained sales category added 63,109 units compared to last month. The Walking Dead accounted for 33.9% of the activity in this category and Astonishing X-Men another 24.3% with the remaining 41.8% split across 19 other titles.

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