Mayo Report: DC's Events Led to Higher Sales than Marvel in November

The annuals/specials category added 263,633 units compared to last month. The heavy DC showing in this category this month is a reflection of DC practice of releasing annuals during five week months. Since Doomsday Clock #1 was the only issue to have a lenticular edition, I'm treating it as a special issue of the series. The other issues solicited so far all have variant covers at the same price as the regular cover so those sales will get aggregated in with the regular edition going forward.

The non-series category added 120,145 units compared to last month. New items this month added 420,143 units while items from last month removed 299,998 units from the month-to-month total. The Dark Nights: Metal one-shots and the Dark Days: The Forge And The Casting Directors Cut resulted in an increase of 46,658 units this month over last month.

The Legacy One-shots of Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #36, Darkhawk #51, Master of Kung Fu #126, Not Brand Echh #14, Power Pack #63 added a combined total of 80,694 units so don't expect any of those to be continued any time soon.

The New Talent Showcase from DC sold 9,415 units. An anthology comic by unknowns which is unlikely to impact the continuity of the characters is a hard sell to being with and the $7.99 price point didn't help.

The reorders category removed 22,951 units compared to last month.

Most of the drop in the total for the top 300 comics from last month to this month came from Marvel titles. The top 18 issue to issue drops were all Marvel titles and ranged from a drop of 25,665 units on Champions #16 to a drop of 81,332 units of Mighty Thor #701. The four issues with the largest issue to issue unit gains were also Marvel titles: Punisher #218, Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #13, Daredevil #595 and Moon Knight #188. Some of this is a reflection of the heavy promotional pushes on the initial issues of Legacy titles. Regardless of the reason, Marvel titles tend to have unstable sales with spikes and drops resulting from some issues having numerous incentive covers and others having none. It is the eternal debate between focusing on the boosting sales of particular issues versus boosting sales of the series overall. With variant covers, event tie-ins, new creative teams and major shifts in story direction, it is easy to engineer ways to get a bump in sales on a particular issue. But the numbers have shown these techniques rarely increase the ongoing sales of the title. Getting the right creative team with the right tone and style at the right time can lead to an ongoing increase in sales as we've seen from time to time. But that seems to be a matter of luck as skill otherwise we'd see increases in sales with most new creative teams. So expect to see some major ups and downs in sales on Marvel titles during the launch of the various Legacy titles while DC might experience stronger than normal sales with both Dark Nights: Metal and Doomsday Clock going on.

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