Mayo Report: DC's Events Led to Higher Sales than Marvel in November

The continuing titles which shipped fewer issues category removed 397,287 units compared to last month. The majority of the activity in this category is from Marvel. Green Arrow from DC only released one regular issue this month as opposed to the two regular issues last month. The release of the Green Arrow Annual didn't make of the difference in sales since the issues one of the issues released last month tied in to the Dark Nights: Metal storyline and sold nearly twice the normal sales of the title. The Annual sold about 80% of the normal sales level for the title. That isn't unusual since annuals are higher priced and sometimes have stories a bit disconnected from the main storyline in the regular issues.

The continuing titles which lost sales category removed 1,174,234 units compared to last month. Numerous Legacy titles from Marvel moves into their second month and the sales dropped accordingly. While this Legacy volumes of the titles were not #1 issues, they were still first issues as far as sales trends go. The cloud of confusion caused my the plethora of incentive covers Marvel uses to promote new titles results in the first issue sales of the new volume are meaningless in terms of how the title will sell over time. For instance, Mighty Thor #700 which was both the first issue of the new volume and an "anniversary number" issue. As if those two potential sales bumps weren't enough, factor in the whole Legacy promotion thing and then factor in the 1-in-10 cover, the 1-in-15 cover, the 1-in-50 cover, the two different 1-in-100 covers and the three meet-or-exceed covers and you can see how the sales of Mighty Thor #700 are unlikely to be remotely indicative of how the title will sell normally. Mighty Thor #701 had a 1-in-50 cover but that was it. The result was a drop of 65.36% from one issue of the next.

The new titles category added 1,123,040 units compared to last month. Marvel had a bunch of new Legacy titles while DC launched a new year long event title. Keep in mind the numbers for Doomsday Clock on this chart only include the regular version. The lenticular edition with the dollar high cover price went into the Annuals/Specials category.

For some reason Batman: The Dark Prince Charming Book 1 hardcover was on the top comics list. It would have topped the list of top trades by a wide margin had it been listed over there.

The returning titles category added 242,946 units compared to last month. Since not everything is scheduled to ship every month it is common for titles to come and go from the list from month to month.

The suspended titles category removed 532,653 units compared to last month. Dark Nights: Metal skipping a month was the big thing in this category. Saga ended a story arc last month and is on a scheduled hiatus until February or March.

The defunct titles category removed 567,665 units compared to last month. Most of the items at the top of this category are Marvel which isn't surprising given Legacy involved ending the existing volumes and starting up new volumes with higher issue numbers. Given the limited lifespan of Marvel titles over the past few years, Legacy seems to be a move in a different direction. More than likely, the only change will see is the carry over of issue numbering between retitled volumes. In other words, if Invinicible Iron Man ever reverts back to just Iron Man will might keep the same numbering sequence across the switch instead of reverting to a new #1 with each new volume. Either way, I expect to see Marvel titles to continue being in this category as it seems unlikely that Legacy will put an end to the "Season length" titles over at Marvel. The length of a "season: being determined by the amount of time between the events which spawn and kill the various titles.

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