Second Issue Drops Sees August 2018 Comic Sales Dip Over 336K

The fairly stable sales on Mage: The Hero Denied in combination with the modest sales of the title, 6,224 units as of the most recent issue we have data for, seems to reflect the known/unknown nature of the title. For readers familiar with the early volume sin the series, the property is a known quantity and those who decided to stick with it after the first issue are generally likely to continue with it until the volume concludes. Some reasons unfamiliar with the property may have tried it out and some may have continued with it. The long time gap between volumes of the property and the resulting unknown nature of the title for newer comic book readers may have worked against the series. This doesn't seem to be the sort of title readers are likely to try out in midstream.

The continuing titles which shipped fewer issues category removed 365,618 units compared to last month. Three quarters of the units in this category were from Marvel titles. While the issues of Avengers and Immortal Hulk which shipped in August sold lightly better than the previous issues of the respective title, the sales of the title dropped since only one issue was released in August versus the two in July.

The continuing titles which lost sales category removed 1,227,198 units compared to last month.

Unsurprisingly, Batman dropped massively in sales after the Batrimony last month. Likewise, the large drops on Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, Catwoman, Superman, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Mr and Mrs X and Life of Captain Marvel are because of the high sales of the first issues of the new volumes which started last month. Teen Titans had the equivalent of a second issue drop on the second issue of the new direction the title.

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