Top 300 Comics Numbers Rise, But 2018 Has Lowest Sales Since 2011

Infinity Countdown #1 sold 93,029 units which is strong sales but not for a Marvel event title. But, this is arguably just the lead-in miniseries to Infinity Wars. We’ll see how well Infinity Wars sells after it comes out later this year.

Robert Kirkman’s new title Oblivion Song launched strong with 80,287 units making it the best-selling Image title for the month beating out The Walking Dead #177 by 5,459 units. Second issue drops for Image averaging around 46% this month. If Oblivion Song follows that trend, and it might not, the second issues might sell around 43,355 units. But, this is a Robert Kirkman title so it stands a decent chance of doing better than that.

The new wave of Young Animals titles from DC all launched between 11,659 and 16,277 units, averaging 13,672 units. DC second issue drops averaged 35.79% in March which doesn’t look promising for the Young Animals titles.

The returning titles category added 577,665 units compared to last month. Over 58% of those units were from Dark Nights: Metal and Doomsday Clock.

The suspended titles category removed 287,617 units compared to last month.

The final issue of Batman and the Signal didn’t ship in March. Perhaps DC should have pushed the series back another month when they canceled the original orders and resolicited it.

The defunct titles category removed 299,433 units compared to last month.

Marvel had a number of titles ending in February and accounted for over half of the units in this category. Image titles accounted for another 75,406 units.

The annuals/specials category removed 21,814 units compared to last month.

The non-series category removed 200,427 units compared to last month.

The True Believers: Venom titles accounted for all of the new items in this category this month.

Most of the losses in this category came from DC with Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt alone accounting for 101,373 units. The Young Animals/Justice League crossover titles last month accounted for another 91,876 units.

The one-shots last month leading into Infinity Countdown accounted for another 93,555 units.

The nature of this category is the transient here-today-gone-tomorrow items so this sorts of ups and downs are to be expected.

The reorders category removed 147 units compared to last month.

As mentioned above, there was noticeable reorder activity on multiple issues of Amazing Spider-Man. Thanos is also getting some reorder activity with the Cosmic Ghost Rider becoming a popular character.

Change is the one constant. In the comic book market we are seeing a lot of change. Dynamite Entertainment and BOOM! Studios have become premiere publishers as of the April 2018 Previews. With the May 2018 Previews, DC is moving out of Previews into the new DC Previews. We’ve got the New Age of DC Heroes title and a new wave of Young Animals titles. Marvel has another batch of new relaunches coming up. The question is if these changes will improve the sales of the top 300 comics or not. The past few months have been the lowest the top 300 has sold at in years. We rarely see an increase in comic book sales that corresponds to the release of a movie or launch of a television series. But are there now so many movies and television shows featuring comic book properties that even many comic book fans no longer feel the need to read comics?

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