Top 300 Comics Numbers Rise, But 2018 Has Lowest Sales Since 2011

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25 increased by 153.80% to 27,789 units with the start of the Shattered Grid storyline. After two years of just the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team, other teams of Power Rangers are being introduced into the title.

The continuing titles which shipped more issues category added 126,401 units compared to last month. February and March both had four shipping weeks. Five of the six titles which released two issues in March were from Marvel and the other was from DC. Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man #300 was released in February with significantly higher than normal sales which is why the two issues of that title sold less in March than the single issue sold in February.

The continuing titles with reasonably stable sales category removed 3,332 units compared to last month.

The continuing titles which shipped fewer issues category removed 126,992 units compared to last month.

Daredevil #600 increased by 170.88% to 67,100 units. As Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man illustrated this month, the increases on these anniversary sorts of issues don’t typically carry over into subsequent issues. Amazing Spider-Man #797 might be a different case. That issue increased by 78.55% to 128,189 units and there was strong reorder activity on the previous three issues. This issue introduced the Red Goblin and is building up to Amazing Spider-Man #800 and the end of Dan Slott’s ten year run on the title.

The continuing titles which lost sales category removed 311,596 units compared to last month.

X-Men Red #2 dropped by 51.47% to 49,084 units but remained the best-selling title for March with X-Men in the name. The X-Men titles are averaging 37,069 units which is unimpressive for what was once a flagship franchise for Marvel.

The New Age of DC Heroes titles lost between 13.31% and 32.15% in Marvel. The Terrifics is the top seller and had decent reorder activity on the first issue in March. Damage #2 sold 22,394 units but had reorder activity of 568 units on the first issue and 788 units on the second issues. If the declines don’t level off soon, these New Age of DC Heroes titles might not last very long.

The new titles category added 720,965 units compared to last month.

Weapon H launched strong for Marvel with 98,651 units. The character is spinning out of the crossover between The Totally Awesome Hulk and Weapon X a few months ago.

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