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May the Speed Force Be With You: “The Flash” Finale’s Greatest Moments

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May the Speed Force Be With You: “The Flash” Finale’s Greatest Moments

For the entirety of “The Flash’s” first season, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was preoccupied with not only protecting Central City from an influx of ill-intentioned metahumans, but also solving his mother’s murder and exonerating his father, Henry (John Wesley Shipp). After receiving his speedster abilities from a not-so-random bolt of lightning, Barry’s lifelong quest came to a close in “Fast Enough,” the season finale. All of Barry’s work came to a head as he confronted the Reverse Flash (Tom Cavanagh), traveling back in time to the moment his mother was killed and making an unexpected and life-altering — but not timeline altering — decision.

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While closing out this season-long arc, “The Flash’s” finale packed in some intense character moments, temporal anomalies and one hell of a cliffhanger. Heartbreak! Time travel! A giant black hole in the middle of Central City?! Following the ambitious season finale, the CBR News Team has picked out a few of our favorite scenes to geek out over with you.

  • Cisco Opens Up to the Reverse Flash: On his way out the door, the Reverse Flash managed to have one last twisted, revelatory conversation with his protege, Cisco. In addition to some questions that Cisco just can’t keep to himself, including a nod at the mechanics of the Reverse Flash ring, Wells confirmed something comic fans have been waiting all season to hear: Cisco is a metahuman, which is why he can remember that alternate timeline where Wells killed him. Oh, and Wells isn’t sorry about killing Cisco, by the way — he must have had a good reason. Despite that, the Reverse Flash opens up to Cisco in a raw moment of what seemed to be genuine — if unsettling — affection.

  • Barry’s Farewell: Barry spent a good chunk of this episode seeking advice and saying goodbye to his friends and family, and each sequence felt intimate and personal and heartwarming. The cast really gets along outside of the show, and it shows in these scenes; their genuine chemistry was evident in each sendoff. If you were to tell me you didn’t tear up just a little when Barry called Joe “Dad,” I probably wouldn’t believe you.

  • Flash Forward: The Speed Force laid out Barry’s timeline in full, giving us a few tantalizing glimpses of things like Danielle Panabaker’s Killer Frost and the Flash Museum. Not only that, but the wormhole belched out a certain Golden Age speedster’s helmet while Barry was in the past, which the Reverse Flash called “my cue to go.” Will we be seeing Jay Garrick sometime this century?

  • So Many Flashes: When Barry went back in time to the night his mother died, he came up against not only the Reverse Flash but his future self. Before future-Barry went to rescue past-Barry, he and present-Barry had a brief exchange where future-Barry — bright new costume and all — told present-Barry not to interfere with a shake of his head. Past and present and future, oh my! It was amazing to see so many Flashes on screen at once.

  • Barry Finds Closure: In a shocking turn of events, Barry — at the behest of his future self — actually makes the decision not to save his mom after all; instead, he takes the time he has with her in order to say goodbye and assure her that he and his father are all right in the future. Barry’s last moment with his mom is genuinely heartfelt and packed with honest emotion, thanks to Gustin’s gut-wrenching performance.

  • Eddie’s Sacrifice: Eddie’s death may have made the most sense out of all the cast present in the finale, but that doesn’t make it any less shocking or poignant. After Martin Stein gave him that impassioned speech about being a coincidence, Eddie acted as though he’d gotten a second chance at life, cheering up and picking back up with Iris, the love of his life. However, he seemed just as content to take his destiny into his own hands and go out on his own terms with a noble sacrifice. Don’t be surprised if you haven’t seen the last of him, though; the showrunners have promised that “you’ve never seen the last of anybody,” and he did get sucked into that time wormhole…

  • The Speed Force: Everyone got an extremely brief look at the “Legends of Tomorrow” when the camera panned to Captain Cold, Heatwave and Hawkgirl as the singularity loomed large over Central City. After seeing so many teases from season two in this segment, it was another great nod to the future. And when Barry exploded out of the Speed Force to take down Wells — EPIC.

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