'Max Steel' Movie Back in Action

Max Steel is back on track for a big-screen release. Mattel has announced it's moving forward with a film version of the recently rejuvenated property. The newly formed Dolphin Films will produce the feature, with Open Road Films distributing. A version of the film was previously in the works with Taylor Lautner set to star.

This follows the January announcement that the toy company was resurrecting the franchise with a new cartoon on Disney XD as well as line of toys, books and games.

Max Steel debuted in 1999 as an action-figure line before being transformed into an animated series the following year. However, Mattel stopped pushing the franchise in the United States in the wake of 9/11, although it grew in popularity in Latin America. The reboot adds a sci-fi element to the concept which finds teenager Max McGrath joining together with alien pal Steel to become Max Steel, a hero who can use turbo energy to right wrongs.

Christopher Yost (Thor: The Dark World) will write the script, with Stewart Hendler (Halo: Forward Unto Dawn) set to direct.

Here's the new logo released for the film, which differs from the one shown above for the Disney XD cartoon.

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