Max Overacts Could Be Released as a Book - And You Can Help!

Caanan Grall is trying to release his excellent (and Eisner-nominated) Max Overacts as a print volume, but he needs YOUR help to get it done! Simply put, he just needs people to pledge to buy the book so that he can raise enough money to print it out.

Here is the site for the information. You all love Caanan's great work on The Line It Is Drawn and most of you appreciate his awesome Max Overacts series, as well (if you haven't seen it, check it out here). Now, for the simple act of buying a copy of a good comic book, you can help Caanan reach his goal of actually printing these babies up!

I've contributed already and you all should, too (well, if you like Caanan, that is. If you don't like his work, then fair enough, don't contribute, but you all do, right?)!

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