Max Landis Teases New DC Comics Project

Screenwriter and producer Max Landis has provided a cryptic clue to his latest DC Comics series.

On Thursday he posted to Twitter a detail of the cover of 1947's "World's Finest Comics" #27, showing Robin lifting a 2,000-pound weight, with some assistance from Superman. The image was accompanied by the text "2017 #AOB."

2017#AOB pic.twitter.com/AwQ0QUq3Rp

— Max Landis (@Uptomyknees) October 20, 2016

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No additional details were provided, leaving Landis' Twitter followers to offer their own guesses, including that "AOB" could mean "Agents of Batman" or even "American Orphan Boys."

Given Landis' penchant for tales outside DC continuity, like "Superman: American Alien" and his pitch for "The Death and Return of Superman," it's certainly possible the story could involve the Man of Steel taking on a super-powered protege or even taking the place of Batman, such as in the "Knight Time" episode of "Superman: The Animated Series."

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It's been a busy year for Landis, best known for the 2012 sci-fi film "Chronicle." He's taken his first forays into producing television series, with Syfy's "Channel Zero," based on the infamous "Candle Cove" horror story, and BBC America's "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency," from the Douglas Adams novel.

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