Max Landis Dropped by Managers Due to Sexual Abuse Allegations


Following the accusations of emotional, physical and sexual abuse leveled against him, Bright screenwriter Max Landis has been dropped by his personal managers.

Deadline reports Writ Large has fired Landis. "Writ Large does not represent Max Landis," Landis' former manager Britton Rizzio said. "As soon as we heard about the Daily Beast article, we parted company." Landis' attorney Howard Abramson did not respond to Deadline's request for a comment.

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The Daily Beast article, which Rizzio mentioned above, detailed over a decade of Landis' abusive behavior towards women. In the lengthy report, several women who dated or encountered Landis shared their experiences with him, revealing a pattern of abuse with little or no remorse.

The accounts recall physical violence, with incidents where he would "bring up his hand and fake that he was going to hit me, and laugh when I flinched," slap food out of his girlfriend's hand to prevent her from eating and "start choking me to the point where my eyes were blacking out." Another mentioned how "he'd bring up openly that he'd given an ex-girlfriend an eating disorder." Others explained how he forced himself on women, including an incident that brought him to a Miami circuit court in 2008.

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