MattyCollector.com also experiencing pain-enducing levels of traffic this morning

Comic-Con International aren't the only ones having trouble selling things on the internet. Mattel's action figure collector's site MattyCollector.com released several new items today, including a Masters of the Universe figure, Superman and General Zod figures, and (the reason I was checking the site) a new Darkseid/Kalibak two-pack for their long-running Justice League Unlimited line.

Everything went on sale at 9 a.m. Pacific, which is when I hit the site and got this:

I did get in about eight minutes later, selected my item, went to checkout, and then started getting the "traffic management" page again before I could complete my transaction. Dang it. Around 9:17 a.m. I got back in, and it remembered where I was in the checkout process (which was nice ... I figured I'd be starting from scratch). A few seconds later, my order was complete. Trying to go back to the home page, however, brought the holding page back up.

I guess today is good practice for next February, when the hotel process for San Diego kicks off.

(Update: And of course, after I post, the site doesn't appear to be having any issues ... and it doesn't look like anything is sold out yet, so head over there quickly before it does).

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