Mattel Unveils SDCC Exclusive Batman Figure and Batmobile Sets

For 2019's Comic-Con International in San Diego, Mattel is diving deep into Batman's history with a pair of exclusives.

As i09 notes, Mattel is celebrating Batman's 80th anniversary with "The Strange Lives of Batman," a set of four figures that immortalize the Dark Knight in some of his most infamous costumes from his zany Silver Age adventures.

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Batman SDCC Silver Age Set

The first figure in the set features the Caped Crusader in his iconic blue and grey costume. The next figure in the set is Negative Batman, who wears a stark black-and-white costume after being blasted by an experimental ray of light in Detective Comics #284.

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The third figure in the set is Zebra Batman, who wore a zebra-like suit after encountering the villainous Zebra-Man in Detective Comics #275. The final figure in the set is the infamous Rainbow Batman from Detective Comics #241, where Batman wore a garish brightly-colored suit to distract from Robin's slightly more subdued costume.

All four figures have 23 points of articulation and come in a box modeled after DC's classic 80 Page Giant comic books. The set will cost $80.

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Batman Hot Wheels

On a slightly smaller scale, Mattel is also celebrating the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton's Batman with an exclusive Hot Wheels set.

The set includes the iconic Batmobile from the 1989 film, along with a miniature die-cast figure of Michael Keaton's Batman. The set also includes a shell that fits over the Batmobile and replicates the armored version of the car from the film. This set will cost $30.

For Comic-Con attendees, the sets can be pre-ordered starting on June 17 at the Mattel Store web site.

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