Mattel Will Save Us From Those Politics-Fueled Uno Arguments We Never Had

Break out the Uno cards this holiday season for some harmless fun. Mattel just released a "non-partisan" version of the popular game that has neither red or blue cards so you "don't have to take sides."

Mattel's new version of Uno, promises fun for all. The official description reads, "Whether you lean a little left or a little right, one thing we can all agree on is how much we love UNO®!" Mattel reminds players that "Without Red or Blue cards the focus can stay on the game. And remember to yell 'UNO!' before you reach across the aisle and play your last card!"

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Red and blue are the colors most closely associated with the U.S's two main political parties. So, Mattel switched to orange and purple cards to avoid any tensions that could arise by association.

In addition to the color change, Mattel has also instated a "veto" card you can put down if things manage to get a little heated.

The game is still hugely popular, selling out at Walmarts (the only major retailer to carry the game) across the country.

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