Matt Wagner covers DC icons in May

DC Comics announced today that legendary artist Matt Wagner will be providing the covers for the big DC icons in May. This event coincides with the release of a hardcover collection of his three-issue mini-series "Trinity," which will feature a new painted cover and sketch gallery, plus an introduction by novelist Brad Meltzer ("Identity Crisis," "Green Arrow").

Wagner's art will be featured on the covers of "Adventures of Superman" #628, "Batman" #627 and "Wonder Woman" #204. Each painted cover is thematically linked. Click the images in this article to enlarge.

"I was thrilled when DC offered to let me do these three covers to help promote the 'Trinity' hardcover collection," Wagner said in a release. "These being the three most familiar heroes in comics' history, I decided to design the covers so that they would relate to each other in a classical 'triptych' format, with Superman in the middle, Batman on the left and Wonder Woman on the right. I was even more thrilled when the editorial decision came down to let me have each figure breach their usually inviolate logo areas. My aim here is to show that, as a Trinity, these three are more powerful than the sum of their individual characters or titles."

"As always, Matt brings his unique vision to our big three," said Mark Chiarello, DC's Editorial Art Director in a release. "It's a thrill for everyone involved to have him create these very iconic covers."

Superman" #628"Wonder Woman"


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