Matt Smith cleaves an opening for his own 'Barbarian Lord'

Just as there's room for more than one superhero in comics, there's room for more barbarian. And on July 1, cartoonist Matt Smith makes his graphic novel debut with a story about a farmer who trades his plow for a sword and ax to become Barbarian Lord.

Originally serialized online, Barbarian Lord is being expanded and honed like a sword on the proverbial smith's anvil for the Clarion Books release. Mixing the standard-bearer for barbarism that is Conan with elements of Hellboy, Norse mythology, Icelandic sagas and the timeless story of a farm boy becoming a man, Barbaric Lord looks to be a combination of big action and sly humor.

Although Barbarian Lord is Smith's first graphic novel, he's worked as a cartoonist for years, contributing to children's magazines such as Cricket and Highlights, and winning a Xeric grant in 1995.

You can see a few pages from the Barbarian Lord hardcover below, and even more on Smith's blog.

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