The Batman May Not Be the Title for Matt Reeves' DC Film


Director Matt Reeves has revealed The Batman is just a working title for his solo film centered on the Caped Crusader, hinting that fans shouldn't be surprised if it changes once the project gets further along into development.

"[...] (Laughs.) Right now it’s called The Batman," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "What it will be called ultimately, I don’t know."

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This comes as no surprise, as details on the plot are few and far between. We're also yet to receive confirmation if it will be disconnected from the DC Extended Universe. Reeves has indicated in the past his Dark Knight may well be standalone, as he aims to move away from what Ben Affleck did and instead place a new, younger actor under the cowl.

That said, what we do have confirmation on so far is that Reeves is looking to make it a noirish detective procedural and that he wants to drill down into Bruce Wayne's investigative psyche, as opposed to the action hero the likes of Christopher Nolan and Zack Snyder gave us over the last decade.

The Penguin has once again been mentioned as a potential villain, although Reeves himself has indicated that the villains' casting process will begin soon. Until then, we'll just have to wait and see how details unfold and keep making educated guesses as to where the movie's title could end up taking us.

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