Matt Kindt & David Rubin Blend Science and Magic in Upcoming Series, "Ether"

Writer Matt Kindt ("Mind MGMT") and artist David Rubin ("The Hero") are tying magic and science together in an upcoming five-issue comics series, titled "Ether."

Published by Dark Horse Comics, "Ether" is set to follow inter-dimensional explorer, Boone Dias, as he comes to terms with the contrast of his science-based proclivities and his life solving crimes in a magical realm called the Ether.

A place where supernatural beings reside, the Ether proves a challenge not only for Dias but the series co-creator, Matt Kindt, as well: "Ether came from my love-hate relationship with the supernatural. It's not a genre I'm particularly attracted to as a creator, and I really wanted to figure out why. So in a lot of ways, the main character in Ether is a surrogate for the part of me that wants to explore the supernatural but also wants everything to be explained -- which can literally ruin the magic of a supernatural story."

"Ether," published monthly by Dark Horse Comics, hits comic shops in November.

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