Matt Furie, Lisa Hanawalt join McSweeney's new line of children's books

You might be accustomed to seeing the comics of Matt Furie and Lisa Hanawalt in avant-garde anthologies like Kramers Ergot and Thickness, or in their solo humor series from Pigeon Press Boy's Club and I Want You, or in the stylishly sleazy pages of Vice magazine. But now you can share your love of these modern masters of anthropomorphic mayhem with your little ones!

Sandy Bilus of I Love Rob Liefeld notes that McSweeney's, the literary magazine-slash-publisher with a very comics-friendly track record historically, has officially launched a subscription plan for its new children's imprint McMullens with books by Furie and Hanawalt. Furie's The Night Riders chronicles the bike-based adventures of a frog and mouse on a nocturnal journey, while Hanwalt's Benny's Brigade follows "the world's smallest, chattiest, and most gentlemanly walrus" as he attempts to find his way home with the help of two little girls and three brave slugs. Presumably these books will be as beautifully drawn as any of Furie and Hanawalt's comics, but with far fewer dirty jokes.


The books retail for $17.95 each, but are the launch titles for a McMullens subscription package that will get you eight books for $80 total, including shipping. Not a bad deal at all.

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