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Matt Fraction’s “Utopian” Vision

by  in Comic News Comment
Matt Fraction’s “Utopian” Vision

Fantomex isn’t the only character Fraction is hoping to provide with more screen time in upcoming issues of “Uncanny X-Men.” “One of the most difficult things about writing this book is getting everybody to this place. The long range plan to get everybody here had some prime movers at the heart of it, while other characters have kind of receded, come forward, and gone back. Northstar has been one of those characters. He’s shown up for action sequences but hasn’t had much stage time because of the nature of the story,” Fraction explained. “Coming out of ‘Second Coming,’ there’s an opportunity for more. Things rotate around and you’ll get more time for Northstar and some other characters. Plus, I think after ‘Second Coming’ our focus is going to narrow a little bit in terms of who our primary characters are.”

“Second Coming” is the final chapter of a trilogy of X-Men event stories that began with the 2007 event story “Messiah CompleX” and continued with this year’s “Messiah War.” It doesn’t begin until Spring 2010, but Fraction can’t wait for fans to read the story. “It’s an exciting time time to be into X-Men, because you’re getting giant pay off after giant pay off,” Fraction stated. “This is really what every X-book has been building to since ‘Messiah CompleX.'”

“Second Coming” isn’t the only event that will rock the Marvel Universe in 2010. January sees the beginning of “Siege,” a big story that runs through the Avengers family of titles, but it’s events will lead into what happens in “Second Coming.” “We’re going to be rolling out ‘Second Coming’ towards the end of ‘Siege.’ So they do inform and flavor each other, but they don’t necessarily tie into one another,” Fraction said. “That said, stay tuned for “Uncanny” #526 which features a super awesome guest star that I don’t believe we’ve seen in ‘Uncanny X-Men’ in a fairly long time.”

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