Matt Fraction Among First Guests Of New "VodCast" Series

Official Press Release

MONTREAL, CANADA -- Software game publisher Strategy First, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings, Ltd. (Nasdaq: SSTR), announces the launch of its new VodCast series.

Strategy First will be hosting exclusive interviews and news on the new VodCast series. Today's announcement demonstrates Strategy First's continued commitment to the industries talent, and its support of fresh new vision. The VodCast series is intended to highlight and announce special talent, new developers and authors, and the latest on Strategy First. This series will also give fans a chance to become more familiar with Strategy First and what we do up close and personal.

"We are excited to find new and interesting ways to reach out to the online community. We have some great games and a great guest with Image's Matt Fraction" Says Strategy Firsts Emanuel Wall, Producer of the VodCast series.

The first VodCast episode includes an interview with Image Comics Author, Matt Fraction, and some more exclusive footage with Space Empires Developer Aaron Hall.

"Being on the cutting edge is what Image Comics is known for, embracing new technologies to present our material the best we can," says Jim Demonakos, Image Comics' PR & Marketing Coordinator. "The opportunity to spotlight one of our creators in a new fashion was too good to pass up, we hope fans both old and new enjoy!"

You can view the new VodCast production on the lefthand side of the Strategy First site at http://strategyfirst.com/en/

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