Matt Damon Gets Adjusted To Next March

Looking forward to The Adjustment Bureau, the Matt Damon-starring adaptation of a Philip K. Dick short story that some have been hoping was the second part of this summer's one-two punch of smart sci-fi movies started by Christopher Nolan's Inception? Well, now you can look forward to it awhile longer; Universal Pictures have pushed its release from September to March 2011.

The LA Times' 24 Frames blog notes that the shift from September 17th 2010 to March 4th 2011 comes as a result of multiple moves for Universal movies, which has the side-effect of allowing Damon to concentrate on promotion for two other movies he has coming out at the end of the year, True Grit (October) and Hereafter (December). It also, sadly, knocks Adjustment out of any Oscar-related activities for next year's awards. As one who was anticipating this movie even more than Inception, I'm pretty bummed at this news - and hoping that it isn't a sign that the movie's in trouble.

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