Matt Damon Finds <i>Elysium</i>

It was only two days ago that we learned the District 9 team of director Neill Blomkamp and leading man Sharlto Copley would be reuniting for an all-new science fiction project called Elysium. But if you thought Copley would be the highest profile name on Blomkamp's cast list, you were wrong.

Deadline reports that Matt Damon is joining the cast of Elysium, making him the third prominent name attached to the project. Little is known about the movie beyond its future setting on a distant planet, so there are absolutely no details on who Damon (or Copley for that matter) is playing. But the mere involvement of the leading man from the Bourne series — until recently, at least — in a science fiction property headlined by the winning team behind District 9 is surely something to get excited over.

More details as they come.

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