Matt and Carol Dembicki win the Day Prize for "Mr. Big" at SPACE

Official Press Release

Dave Sim, creator of Cerebus, awarded Matt and Carol Dembicki the coveted Day Prize this past weekend. Presented at SPACE in Columbus, Ohio, the Day Prize celebrates achievements in small press.

"As in past years, this year's nominees for the Day Prize featured some of the best in small press/self-published comic books. We are honored and humbled just to be included on the list," said Matt Dembicki, the artist on Mr. Big.

"Winning the award exceeded our expectations," added Mr. Big writer Carol Dembicki.

Matt is currently compiling the Native American anthology Trickster. This entails working with more than 20 Native American storytellers and some of today's rising comic book artists around the nation. It is scheduled to debut at the Baltimore Comic Convention in September 2008. Additionally, Matt is collaborating with Carol on a supernatural thriller.

Mr. Big and Trickster are part of Little Foot Publishing, a company formed by Christian Beranek in 2006.

For more info please visit http://www.littlefootcomics.com and http://trickster-anthology.blogspot.com

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