'Masters of the Universe' to fit in your pocket

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He-Man is fighting Skeletor... in your back pocket! MVCreations will begintheir rollout of CGE projects on July 9th with MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE vol.1: THE SHARD OF DARKNESS, a 112-page trade paperback printed in CrossGenEntertainment's innovative 8" x 5" Traveler format. Priced at only $9.95,the debut volume marks the first time that CGE will publish a collectededition in the portable and affordable format for its initial print run.

Reprinting the four-issue miniseries originally published by Image Comics,THE SHARD OF DARKNESS opens as strange events trouble the mighty Masters ofthe Universe. Determined to unearth the cause of the calamity, the heroicHe-Man sets forth on a dangerous quest to end the crisis--but the sinisterSkeletor and his merciless minions have other ideas! Writer Val Staples,penciler Emiliano Santalucia, and inker Marco Failla return readers to aworld of science and sorcery, as the '80s phenomenon is reborn for a newera!

"We had seen and heard a lot of positive feedback about the Traveler-sizedcollections from CGE," stated MVCreations President Val Staples. "In a dayand age where trades are becoming more and more popular, the Travelers arepriced to move, and a brilliant way to give readers a lot of bang for theirbuck."

"If you want a fun read that accessible to all ages, then THE SHARD OFDARKNESS is for you," continued Staples. "Intended as a beginning point fornew readers, the story jumps right into the action, providing a natural flowof information as the story progresses. This way you're not buried inexcessive explanation. And retailers searching for a product that they canuse to reach out to younger readers should be happy to hear that the storymatches perfectly with the new toyline and cartoon."

"While the Travelers format may be small in size, embracing it as a go-toformat is a huge move," stated CrossGen Entertainment Director of Marketing& Communications Bill Rosemann. "Some of the first comics that I ever readas a child were paperback-sized reprints of superhero titles--and my friendsand I loved the fact that we could stick them in our book bags. For yearsreaders wondered why publishers didn't bring back this handy option. That'swhy it's so cool to see CrossGen resurrect and revamp the format withsuperior printing and paper. And thumbs-up to MVCreations for deliveringall-ages adventure in a package that young readers crave!"

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE vol. 1: THE SHARD OF DARKNESS will be solicited inthe CrossGen Entertainment section of the April issue of Diamond ComicsDistributors Previews catalog.

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