Master Replicas Announces Partnership with Marvel Comics

Official Press Release

WALNUT CREEK, California – Master Replicas, the premier manufacturer of high-quality prop reproductions for movies and television, today announced that Marvel Enterprises has joined its family of licensers. The partnership will allow Master Replicas to capitalize on Marvel's broad offerings-expanding product focus and consumer base, and creating the potential for increased revenues and sustainability.

Beginning in 2006, Master Replicas plans to launch a new product line dedicated to the Marvel franchise, taking advantage of over 5,000 characters and endless prop possibilities. Master Replicas will collaborate with Marvel to introduce this new collection of high-end prop replicas to its existing customer base, and to introduce the Master Replicas brand to Marvel fans.


"This new partnership opens the door to the world of comics," said Stephen Dymszo, VP of Product Design. "Marvel is at the forefront of the comic book industry, and we're there with them. There are infinite possibilities, and we have the unique opportunity to take advantage of them and do what we do best: make quality replicas that capture the vision of their creators and the imaginations of their audiences. We can tap into Marvel's broad fan base, and offer them the best line up of Marvel products ever made."

About Master Replicas Inc.

Master Replicas, Inc. is a leader in high-end movie and television prop replicas and collectibles. We are committed to nurturing a community of collectors who enjoy re-creating their heroes' onscreen adventures. Every Master Replicas collectible is officially licensed and crafted from the highest quality materials available. Our dedicated artisans work closely with prop makers and movie-making wizards to ensure authenticity. Master Replicas' licenses include Star WarsTM, Star TrekTM, Lord of the RingsTM, AliensTM, Predator 2TM, Alien vs. PredatorTM and the Disney Showcase Collection.


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