"Master of Kung-Fu" to Land Blows in Marvel's "Secret Wars"

This May, Haden Blackman ("Elektra") and Dalibor Talajic ("Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe") pit Shang-Chi against K'un Lun's evil Emperor Zu for a new 4-issue limited series, Marvel's "Master of Kung-Fu," which takes place on Battleworld.

According to a Marvel press release, Shang-Chi, once the most prized student at K'un Lun's most prestigious martial arts school, has become a drunken drop out living on the streets. Cast out and forsaken by society, Shang-Chi gathers together with other outsiders to take on Emperor Zu, who is not only K'un Lun's tyrant but Shang-Chi's father.

"I'm really looking forward to portraying Shang-Chi in ways that we haven't seen before," Blackman said in an interview with Marvel.com. "He begins the story very down and out, an exile and an outcast himself, which was very fun to write. I'm also hopeful that the interactions with some of the supporting cast will show us different sides of Shang-Chi, who finds himself a reluctant mentor."

"Master of Kung-Fu" #1 arrives at retailers this May.

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