Massive New "Vampirella Quarterly" Hits Shops November 7!

Official Press Release

New York (November 5, 2007) - This is it! The battle over thirty years in the making: CHAOS vs. VAMPIRELLA! Is there any way Vampi can stop the mad god from ending the world? Whose shocking return may make all the difference? Will the Blood Red Queen have the last laugh? What is the final fate of Adam Van Helsing? It's the stunning conclusion to one of the landmark tales in Vampirella's history and it's all here in a huge 56 page special!

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Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov, Harvey nominated writer of Elk's Run, with spectacular art by rising stars Stephen Segovia (Witchblade) and Noah Salonga (Xena). PLUS: Archie Goodwin's and Jose Gonzalez's classic Vampi tale ?Lurker in the Deep? is newly recolored and remastered by Glass House Graphics. Read one of the greatest Vampirella tales of all time as you've never seen it!

Covers by rising superstars Nicola Scott (Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey) and comics legend Joe Jusko!

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