Masking the Media: CBR Receives Dark Knight Cowl

CBR received today a package from an entity calling itself the Citizens For Batman, containing a rubber Batman mask and a letter from a man named Paul directing us to visit this website and log in with the following information:

Username: Nycticeius

Password: merritt

The login leads visitors to a message board called Nycticeius Underground, where a group of regular posters are discussing what appears to be some form of civil disobedience, perhaps even following the example set by the Batman. The Nycticeius Underground is apparently named after the genus of bats.

The full letter can be read below:

More on the Citizens For Batman as the story develops.

Additionally, we received a new edition of The Gotham Times, which reports that Harvey Dent has won the election for District Attorney for which he began campaigning last year.

More on Harvey Dent's landslide victory and the reaction from his opponents can be seen on "Gotham Tonight" at the Gotham Cable News website, which is also asking citizens to submit their own pictures, videos or any other sightings of the Batman.

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